Editly is both a handy tool, but also a framework designed to do video editing using Node.js and ffmpeg.

And then will you tell me?

Well, it allows you to easily and above all programmatically create a video from all your video clips, images, audio files and possibly titles (text) by obviously adding transitions and music. The tool is used in the command line, but you can also give it a config file to digest so that it does exactly what you want from all the parameters specified in this JSON. As I said in the intro, it’s also a framework, you can use its JavaScript API which is even more flexible.

import editly from 'editly';

// See editSpec documentation
await editly(editSpec)

Totally inspired by ffmpeg-concat, Editly is much faster and does not require a lot of storage space, because it edits the video on the fly. You can also extend its functionality with modules if necessary.

In terms of features, it allows you to edit videos, create them “from scratch” using randomly generated colors and effects and it supports all resolutions such as 4K videos or DSLR photos. In terms of exports, it’s the same, it can also lay an Instagram post (1:1), an Instagram story (9:16), a format for YouTube (16:9) or all the other dimensions you have need. It’s really a great tool for video creators who need to release the same content on multiple platforms that support different video formats and sizes.

Here is a rendering of a video produced with Editly:

Editly can also automatically speed up/slow down videos to properly time your clips, overlay text, images (including transparent ones) and subtitles on videos, images or backgrounds. It also supports JavaScript / HTML5 Canvas / Fabric.js for everything that is “custom screens” or to be able to add dynamic overlays on videos.

You can also export a GIF, add vignette effects, keep a single audio source or on the contrary mix several, or even add automatic fades and normalization to the sound.

As far as installation goes, this marvel can run on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

To install it, you need to enter the following command:

npm i -g editly

Once installed, you can then use the command-line interface to quickly put together a video or use its JavaScript API to create more complex things. And as I mentioned before, you can also use JSON files to specify the parameters of the expected assembly. I invite you to read the documentation to learn more.

This “automated” mode of video editing will save you a lot of time if you want, for example, to create a slideshow from dozens of images by adding text on top, or even create a trailer or a promo video. Some even do YouTube channels with content entirely generated like that.

But you can use it just to automatically crop a video to have it in multiple formats, it’s also super convenient.

In short, I found it brilliant and it is to be tested here!

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