Hello friends,

How are you doing in this chilly month of January?

You all know that guy who walks around in shorts all winter to tell the story? Well it’s not me 🙂

I was ordered to change this editorial so as I love my community (hello Letsar), I comply (pan!) and I will therefore give you some news.

I work like a monk, you can imagine, to give you the best of myself, and above all to satisfy the wildest dreams of my love Patreons. I am also very happy with my last video in which I explain how to automate the creation of a newsletter that takes its content from a WordPress and improves it with GPT-3 to make it something pleasant to read and different each time.

I also (like everyone else) started The Last of Us series and frankly, it sucks. The zombies are quite disgusting anyway and I better understand the long-term objective of the mushrooms of Paris to take the capital. I also went back to the cinema for the last time in my life, I think, as some humans who frequent dark rooms do everything to spoil the pleasure of others. So I saw Avatar 2. It was good, but too long and too much water everywhere. I think I still have some in my lungs.

Otherwise, well, always in DIY mode in the house. I still have plaster to do, a cat flap to install, a wood stove to domotize and a few trees uprooted by the storm to cut down. It’s work! I’ve also started looking at pellet presses and I’m still not sure if it’s a good investment. If you practice the manufacture of pellets, I would like some feedback and advice :). Then I cook as much as ever, which allows me to save money and eat better. I recommend the experience, especially with Jow, it takes me no time.

So much for the news. And you?

See you soon on the networks and don’t forget that we can also meet live on Twitch!!

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