Elastic Metal – A 100% cloud dedicated server

When you want hosting on the net, you generally have to choose between a 100% cloud hosting offer or a dedicated server (physical or virtualized).

Both have their advantages but also their disadvantages. In general, the dedicated server does not integrate with the cloud services of the host and the cloud server is not … dedicated.

Well, that was before because a few weeks ago, Scaleway released its Elastic Metal offer .

Elastic Metal is an evolution of Scaleway’s Bare Metal product but integrated into the cloud ecosystem. It is unique on the market because Elastic Metal has the following 3 characteristics that are not usually found together:

  • It is a dedicated server available on a monthly basis (classic long term)
  • It is also available by the hour like Bare Metal Servers
  • And it is compatible with the entire Scaleway cloud ecosystem

So you can, for example, put in the same private network both Elastic Metal servers, instances, the database as a service, the load balancer, etc. You will have stable performance, a competitive cost, no hypervisor installed by default and you can even choose the OS.

Regarding pricing, it will also be very flexible since you can rent your Elastic Metal server by the hour or by the month depending on your usage. And of course no notice to stop everything.

It is therefore a very complete offer with the advantages of dedicated, the advantages of bare metal by the hour and compatibility with all of Scaleway’s cloud offer.

All these services will work together and will no longer be separated from each other. Cloud-only developer tools will then be available to you: Scaleway CLI, Python SDK, Go, Scaleway APIs, Terraform, etc.

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It’s dreamy, isn’t it?

Thus, if the entire heart of your infrastructure is on a dedicated server, you can, thanks to Elastic Metal, extend it more dynamically and also call on the services present in the cloud ecosystem.

Thanks to Elastic Metal, there is no longer any technical reason not to evolve your infrastructure or develop your services.

And for all those who have been 100% in the cloud for a long time, with Elastic Metal you will have access according to your needs to a server without a hypervisor, with dedicated performance for your temporary or specific needs.

Regarding the offer itself, Elastic Metal is available in 3 ranges with the following monthly or hourly rates:


  • fully dedicated bare metal servers at an unbeatable price
  • Use cases: test environments, web hosting, game servers
  • Specifications: AMD Ryzen or Intel® Xeon, 8 to 64 GB of RAM, 1TB SATA or 2x1TB SSD
  • Pricing: from €29.99/month (€0.083/hour) to €49.99/month (€0.139/hour), depending on server configuration


  • powerful and reliable dedicated servers, ideal for production applications
  • Use cases: web infrastructure (Apache, Nginx, LB), virtualization, production applications
  • Specifications: Intel® Xeon (dual socket), 192 to 256 GB of RAM, with SSD (2x1TB) or SATA (2x8TB up to 2x10TB)
  • Pricing: from €89.99 / month (€0.250 / hour) to €129.99 / month (€0.361 / hour)


  • bare metal servers designed to provide massive local storage to store, back up and protect data
  • Use cases: storage clusters, backup (and archiving), file servers
  • Specs: Intel® Xeon, 96GB RAM, 4x12TB SATA
  • Pricing: €119.99 / month (€0.333 / hour)

I invite you to discover Scaleway’s Elastic Metal

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