Exploring 2023’s Best Alternatives to 99designs: Choose the Platform that Fits Your Requirements!

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Are you looking for a platform to help with your graphic design projects but don’t think 99designs is the right fit for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options out there! In this article, we’ll explore the best alternatives to 99designs in 2023, so you can find the perfect platform to fit your requirements. Whether you’re looking for unlimited design services, crowdsourcing, or direct collaboration with a freelance designer, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore the top graphic design platforms of 2023!

1. Kim

Kimp is a graphic design business that provides unlimited design services to businesses and individuals for a flat monthly fee. Customers can request an unlimited number of design projects, and Kimp’s team of professional designers will work on them until they are satisfied with the result. The service covers a wide range of design needs, including social media graphics, marketing materials, website design, and more. With Kimp, customers can get their design projects done quickly and efficiently without having to worry about the cost of individual projects or the time it takes to manage a design team. Kimp’s subscription-based model allows businesses to save money on their design needs and scale their design projects according to their requirements.

Kimp vs 99designs: In terms of pricing, Kimp offers a $389 per month plan and offers a 7-week free trial for new customers. They also have transparent pricing where you know what it will cost before committing to anything.

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2. DesignCrowd: conception participative

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that offers creative services through a crowdsourcing model, similar to its competitor 99designs. While both platforms operate on a similar model, DesignCrowd offers more flexibility in pricing to its users, albeit at a slightly higher fee structure. Job postings on DesignCrowd start at $59, with a 4% transaction fee and a 20% project management fee for projects above $200. The platform was established in April 2009, after its co-founders Alec Lynch and Luke March discovered 99designs’ crowdsourcing model.

On DesignCrowd, employers can post their project requirements to receive offers from designers worldwide for customized logos, signs, or other graphic design projects. Employers can set their budgets for each job and select the best design from the offers received. In addition to graphic design, DesignCrowd offers other creative services, including translation, illustration, and programming.

Apart from offering free project postings on its homepage, DesignCrowd also provides a premium freelance service that offers “expert designers and developers” to employers who require freelance services without going through the bidding process.

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3. Freelancer

Freelancer is an online platform that connects users with freelance designers for their graphic design projects. Users can post their project ideas on the platform and designers can connect with them to complete the projects. Freelancer offers a range of monthly plans for its users, starting from 99 cents to $69 per month. Additionally, they provide a one-month free trial for users to try out the $9/month option for free.

While Freelancer primarily functions as a freelance matching platform, it also offers a dedicated contest format, similar to 99designs. Users can post brief details about their projects on the site and launch a design contest to receive submissions from designers. After receiving the submissions, users vote on their preferred designs and then choose the designer they want to work with to make changes or add features that meet their specifications.

Alternatively, users can also ask their account managers to find them a designer, bypassing the need to list the project and evaluate proposals. This allows users to go through an agency that matches the project with the best possible designer for their needs.

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4. Design pickles

Design Pickle is a pioneering graphic design business that established an unlimited business model for graphic design services. The company is well-known for its fast turnaround times, positive customer experiences, and affordable prices. The standard plan of Design Pickle begins at $399 per month, and users can save 5% by choosing to pay quarterly ($379 per month) or 10% by selecting to pay annually ($350 per month). They also offer a 14-day free trial to new users.

Upon signing up with Design Pickle, users are required to provide some basic information, such as their name and email address. They are also asked to provide details on the type of project they require, such as “brand guide,” “flyer/poster design,” or “banner/background.”

After submission, users receive a welcome email and further instructions on how to proceed with Design Pickle. Finding suitable graphic designers for your project is made relatively easy with Design Pickle.

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5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a top-rated freelance website that connects clients directly with freelance graphic designers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The platform is renowned for its accessibility, fast turnaround times, and flexible pricing options.

When comparing Fiverr to 99designs, one of the key differences is pricing. Unlike 99designs, Fiverr doesn’t offer fixed monthly payment options unless you purchase the Fiverr Business plan for $149 per year. For most projects, clients pay the rate offered by the freelance designer, which can be a more affordable option than fixed monthly prices. Additionally, all purchases made on Fiverr are tax-deductible as business expenses.

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6. Pudding.ai

Pudding.ai is an AI-powered software that offers flexibility and simplicity in creating stunning visual representations of any text or data with just one click. The Puddingsoft programming system is designed to eliminate the complexities associated with computer programming, particularly for tasks such as machine learning algorithms for vision tasks. With Pudding.ai, users do not need to worry about the technicalities of computer programming, as the program automatically performs all necessary calculations based on the provided input/output variables. This makes it an ideal tool for users looking to explore machine learning algorithms without having to deal with the complexities of coding.

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The world of online graphic design is constantly evolving, and as such, there are many alternatives to 99designs that may be better suited for your business needs. We’ve explored five of the best options in 2023, each with their own unique features and benefits. From crowdsourcing marketplaces like DesignCrowd and Freelancer to unlimited graphic design services like Kimp and Design Pickle, and direct-to-freelancer platforms like Fiverr, there’s something for everyone. So, take the time to evaluate these options and choose the platform that fits your requirements and budget.

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