Have you installed many extensions in your web browser? Do you want to manage them easily and quickly? I present to you today, Extension Manager , an extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to manage all your extensions in a simple and intuitive interface.

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Extension Manager: manage Chrome extensions more easily

Extensions are useful in many ways. They allow you to add additional functionality to your web browser. Thanks to them, you can perform certain tasks while browsing the Internet. For example, you can add an advanced screenshot tool , identify a song or even add a spell checker .

The problem is that with all its additional modules that are installed over time, it is not always easy to navigate. There are some that you probably use more than others. And if you want to enable or disable an extension in Chrome, you must go to the browser menu, then select “More tools” and click on “Extensions”. You can also right-click on the extension and click on “Manage Extension”, but that’s not really practical…

To manage and control your Chrome extensions more quickly , you can turn to Extension Manager. This extension is much simpler and more convenient than Chrome’s extension manager.

What are its features?

Extension Manager is an extension only available on Chrome. However, it should probably work in other Chromium-based web browsers. Thanks to it, you will be able to manage the extensions installed in Chrome more efficiently.

Manage your Chrome extensions with Extension Manager

Once installed, you can notably see all the extensions that are installed in your web browser. A counter even tells you how many extensions you have installed. Additionally, you will find an “ Uninstall ” button to uninstall any extension from your browser.

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Besides, you can activate or deactivate an extension with just one click . To do this, simply click on the switch “ Enabled ” to activate the extension or “ Disabled ” to deactivate it. This can be useful in many situations depending on the functionality of the extension in question.

In addition, Extension Manager offers you a search bar to search for a particular extension if you really have a lot of them. You will also find two eye-shaped icons that allow you to deactivate all extensions or, on the contrary, to activate them all.

Finally, from the extension settings, you can change the interface theme (light or dark) and choose to display the extensions in list or grid.

extension manager interface grid dark


Extension Manager is a handy and useful extension for people who have multiple extensions to manage in their browser. One-click enabling and disabling of extensions is super convenient and will save you valuable time.

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