eXtra Buttons: add convenient buttons to Windows windows

By default, Windows windows generally have three buttons: minimize, maximize, and close. The problem is that Microsoft does not offer any option in its operating system to add additional buttons. However, there is a utility that can remedy this. I present to you today eXtra Buttons , a free software that allows you to add additional buttons to the title bar of a window in Windows 11 or 10 . To learn more, I invite you to continue reading this article.

  1. eXtra Buttons, useful and practical buttons for your Windows windows
  2. What are the different buttons available?
  3. How to use eXtra Buttons?
  4. Conclusion

eXtra Buttons, useful and practical buttons for your Windows windows

eXtra Buttons is a free application that is not new, however, it is still functional, so why not use it. The latter simply allows you to add useful and practical buttons to Windows windows.

By default, the program adds three additional buttons. The first called “Always on top” keeps the window in the foreground (above the others). The second allows you to reduce the window to the system tray (or notification area). And, finally, the third button entitled “Bookmarks” simply allows you to add the window to favorites to access it more quickly in the future.

Of course, you can integrate other buttons to extend the functionality of Windows windows. In total, you can integrate up to 10 configurable buttons to organize your windows as you see fit.

Finally, note that eXtra Buttons is a very light software since it weighs only 3.65 MB once installed. In addition, it is very light on system resources. It consumes only 4 MB of RAM when running.

eXtra Buttons

What are the different buttons available?

Here are the different buttons you can place in the title bar of a Windows window, alongside the traditional minimize, maximize, and close buttons.

  • Always on top : places the window on top of the others to keep it always visible.
  • Send to tray : Minimize window to system tray.
  • Bookmarks : add the window to bookmarks.
  • Separator : add a separator between buttons.
  • Send to box : Minimizes the window and places a shortcut icon on the Windows desktop.
  • Roll-up / Unroll : roll up or unroll the window.
  • Send to Back : places the window below the others.
  • Transparency : make the window transparent.
  • Adjust transparency : adjust the transparency of the window.
  • Move to monitor : moves the window to another monitor.
  • Full screen : display the window in full screen.
  • Click Through : make the window completely transparent.
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Note that you can configure a keyboard shortcut for each of them from the program options.

How to use eXtra Buttons?

The operation of the program is very simple. Carefully follow these few instructions:

1. Start by downloading eXtra Buttons from the developer’s official website. To do this, click on the “ Download now ” button.

2. Then proceed with the installation of the software (Next, Next… Finish).

3. Once installed, a new icon will appear in the notification area (next to the clock). Click on it to access the program options.

4. From the options, click “ Buttons Set ” to add or remove buttons.

eXtra Buttons - Options

5. In the “ Available buttons ” column you will find the various available buttons that you can integrate into Windows windows. You just have to select the one you want and click on the “ Add ” button to add it. Of course, don’t forget to save the changes by clicking on “ Apply ”.

To remove a button, select it in the “Buttons set” column, and click on “Remove”. Again, don’t forget to save the changes by clicking “ Apply ”.

Add additional buttons to Windows windows

✅ And here is the result! The new buttons are automatically placed at the top right of each Windows window.


eXtra Buttons is a very handy utility for extending the functionality of Windows windows. Thanks to it, you can organize your windows as you wish using the various useful and practical buttons. In addition, eXtra Buttons integrates perfectly into the system and does not require any special skills to use.

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