Find the differences between two documents or images with DiffChecker

Do you need to compare two documents (text, image or PDF) to find their differences ? In this case, Diffchecker could be useful to you. Very practical, this free online tool will help you automatically identify the differences between two documents.

Diffchecker, an excellent service for identifying the difference between two files

Diffchecker is a service usable by everyone. Indeed, no registration is required to use Diffchecker. However, several advantages await those who decide to register. The main one is the possibility of saving in a personal space on the site, all the documents that are scanned there.

As for how to use this service, it is also very simple. To start, you will need to choose the type of file you want to compare. It can be a text, an image or even a PDF.

Whichever option you take, you will face two spaces. Each of them will have to accommodate one of the documents to be compared. All you have to do is start the file comparison process. Once it ends, all of the differences will appear on the screen. The identification of the document can therefore be carried out without effort.

Diffchecker perfectly performs the various file comparisons presented to it. Not only examining texts, it also supports PDFs and images.


Diffchecker is a totally free online service. Easy to use, it identifies the differences between two files immediately after comparison. You may use this site for various purposes.

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