Find your geek summer body!

Apparently, our body needs a minimum of exercise. ūü§ď But when you don‚Äôt know anything about it, what do you do? Where to start ? Also, finding the motivation to go out for a run or to go to the gym is not always an easy task, we are not going to lie to each other. ūüėÄ

For my part, I started doing it at home thanks to a few apps on my phone. Unfortunately, unless you pay a subscription, you find yourself limited one day or another. So it’s up to us to judge whether we’re making a move or not. This is why today I would like to introduce to you Let’s get fit on Nintendo Switch!

Rather than a mixture of sport and play, as Ring Fit Adventure Where the illustrious Wii Fit, we are dealing with an ‚Äúapp‚ÄĚ dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. In this sense, it‚Äôs very similar to what you find on smartphones: exercises, combined in programs that you can customize and adapt as you wish.

You can choose your goals, the style of sport you prefer to practice, there are also challenges and a whole tracking system that‚Äôs pretty cool to keep you motivated over the long term. In short, it‚Äôs super complete and customizable at will. You can even choose between several teachers, it‚Äôs funny. However, the music is horrible. ūüėÄ

You guessed it, it’s chargeable… But here there is no subscription, everything is in the cartridge. What I also liked, and what makes the difference in my opinion, are the straps provided in the physical bundle. Positioned on a thigh and a wrist, they allow the console to judge the amplitude and angle of our movements. Then the game forces us to move in rhythm and gives us advice when it is necessary to adjust our position.

It‚Äôs not terribly precise but for me it works! ūüėĀ Good to know: the training sessions follow each other quickly without wasting unnecessary time. I had a few crashes to deplore, only during the launch and not in full session, so nothing serious, but I prefer to specify it, hoping that a patch will soon correct that. ūü§ě

You got it, I like it. ūüôā If you are looking for an app to get back in shape quietly without breaking the bank, I advise ! ūüĎć

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