Fix The Microsoft Teams Error 80080300 In Windows 11

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In this guide, we will learn: How To Fix The Microsoft Teams Error 80080300 In Windows 11 – guide 2023

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Fix 1: Disconnect Work & School Accounts

We advise you to log out of any Microsoft school or work accounts on your computer. Use the following steps to log out of a Microsoft work or school account you’re currently connected to:

Step 1: To access the Power User menu, press Win + X. Then, choose the Settings shortcut.

Step 2: Then click the Accounts option under Settings on the left.

Step 3: To access the settings for those accounts, click Access work or school.

access the settings

Step 4: The Disconnect this account option can be accessed by clicking the listed work or school account.

Step 5: To disconnect, click the button.

Step 6: To express your certainty, select Yes.

Step 7: Try using that account in the Microsoft Teams app while it is disconnected.

Fix 2: Start The Microsoft Teams Compatibility Troubleshooter.

The previous patch and potential fix for problem 80080300 have both been successful for certain customers. However, if the issue is due to app compatibility, you’ll need to run an MS Teams compatibility troubleshooter. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Open File Explorer by hitting the Windows key and E.

Step 2: Open the following directory. 

C:Users<user folder>AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsAppsMicrosoftTeams

Step 3: Choose Properties by right-clicking the msteams.exe file.

Choose Properties

Step 4: In the msteams.exe Properties panel, click the Compatibility tab.

Step 5: Click the Run compatibility troubleshooter option.

Run compatibility troubleshooter

Step 6: In the troubleshooter, select Try recommended settings.

select troubleshooter option

Step 7: Choose the option to Test the program. After that, try accessing your account through the Teams app.

Test the program

Step 8: To display more choices, click Next.

Step 9: Depending on the results of the test, choose Yes to save these settings or No to try again. If more troubleshooting choices are required, choosing No will display them.

troubleshooting choices

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Fix 3: Clear The Microsoft Teams Cache

Like other programs, Microsoft Teams keeps data in a cache folder. However, the 80080300 issue can also be brought on by a disintegrated MS Teams cache. By rebooting the app, you can erase that cache as follows:

Step 1: Select the Apps tab in Settings by opening it.

Step 2: To get to that uninstaller tool, use the Apps & Features navigation option.

Step 3: Next, select the Microsoft Teams app by clicking the menu button on its right side.

Step 4: To use the Reset button for MS Teams, select Advanced settings.

Reset button for MS Teams

Step 5: To remove the app’s cached data, click Reset and then choose Reset once more.

Step 6: Additionally, a Repair option is offered that doesn’t erase any data. In case of resetting doesn’t work, you can also choose that choice.

Fix 4: Re-Install Teams App

To fix the 80080300 problems, certain customers might need a brand-new Microsoft Teams application. You can get that by reinstalling Microsoft Teams. You can remove and install again the Microsoft Teams app in the following ways:

Step 1: Open the program and file search tool first.

Step 2: In the search box, type Microsoft Teams.

Step 3: Click the Microsoft Teams Uninstall option in the search tool.

Microsoft Teams Uninstall option

Step 4: To finalize the app’s removal, click Uninstall once more.

Step 5: Launch a browser and go to the Microsoft Store’s Microsoft Teams download page.

Step 6: When viewing the Microsoft Teams page, click the Get in Store app.

Step 7: Click on Open Microsoft Store.

Open Microsoft Store

Step 8: Then, choose the Install option for MS Teams.


This article’s proposed solutions are a few of the most often used techniques for resolving the Microsoft Teams problem 8008030 in Windows 11. Users that require to fix that issue with Windows 10 can use the same solutions. One of the solutions should resolve problem 8008030 for the Teams program on your computer. You can resume conversing on any other messaging app till MS Teams has been resolved.

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