How to play Battle Royale “Fortnite” on iPhone or iPad

Good news for Fortnite fans ! The successful video game is indeed making a comeback on Apple (iOS) devices . An unexpected turn of events when we know that the apple brand had banned Fortnite from its online store in 2020. At the time, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, had indicated that the game would surely not return to the App Store before five years. Well, fans didn’t wait that long after all. In this article, we explain how to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad for free.

  1. Fortnite is back on iPhone and iPad thanks to Microsoft!
  2. And what’s more, it’s 100% free!
  3. How to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad for free from Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Fortnite is back on iPhone and iPad thanks to Microsoft!

No, just because Apple lifted its ban doesn’t mean that Fortnite is available again on iPhone and iPad. The apple firm still remains firmly entrenched in its position vis-à-vis the game, but Epic Games has found a way to slip through the cracks: using Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming! Tim Sweeney has announced that the two companies have reached an agreement and that is how Fortnite is now offered on the cloud gaming service.

To access the game, iPhone and iPad users simply need to create a Microsoft account (free) and visit to play Fortnite on their device. That’s all !

The icing on the cake, Microsoft tells players that they can play the famous Battle Royale from their touch screen or via a supported controller (Xbox controller I imagine).

And what’s more, it’s 100% free!

In addition to finding Fortnite on iPad and iPhone, fans of the game will also be able to enjoy it for free. Indeed, you don’t need an Xbox Game Pass subscription to access Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Players just need a Microsoft account. Then, once connected to the Net, go to the Xbox site where Fortnite is waiting for you impatiently.

If fans of the game are delighted, Tim Sweeney is really thrilled with this agreement which allows Fortnite to reach even more players around the world. Remember that the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is available in 26 countries, including France.

The CEO of Epic Games also took the opportunity to throw a little spade at Apple: “No subscription required, no 30% Apple tax” , he said mischievously, insisting in particular on the free Fortnite. on Xbox Cloud Gaming. To see if the firm at the apple will react to this parade well found on the part of Epic Games. A case to follow very closely.

How to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad for free from Xbox Cloud Gaming?

To play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

1. From your iPhone or iPad, start by opening Safari, then go to the following address:

2. Then tap on ‘ Play for free ‘ and then on ‘ Get ready to play ‘.

Play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad

3. Next, tap the share button, then select ‘ On Home Screen ‘, and ‘ Add ‘. This will create an Xbox Cloud Gaming shortcut on your iPhone or iPad home screen.

4. Then launch the Cloud Gaming app and then sign in to your Microsoft account . If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free. Once logged in, click “ Play ”.

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