FreeTube: an open-source desktop YouTube player [2022]

You have many options for watching videos hosted on YouTube . For example, you can use a web browser, an application on mobile devices or even the TV in the living room.

Most of these options are comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, one of the major disadvantages of watching YouTube videos from the official application or in a web browser is that Google collects a lot of information about you (history of your YouTube searches, history of videos watched, the videos you like, your subscriptions, targeted advertisements, and so on…). But I hope I’m not teaching you anything by telling you all this… It’s still 2018!

All this to tell you that if you do not want to share your personal information with Google, but you still want to take advantage of its services like YouTube, well know that there are alternatives. Today I introduce you to FreeTube , an open-source YouTube player that protects your privacy .

FreeTube, the best YouTube player to play your videos without ads and without Google tracking

FreeTube, an open-source desktop YouTube player
Download FreeTube

Available for free on Windows, macOS and Linux, the FreeTube application is based on the Electron framework and is available under the GPLv3 license. Thanks to FreeTube, you can watch YouTube videos without ads while preventing Google from tracking you with its cookies and other JavaScript codes.

But that’s not all, FreeTube also offers some very interesting little things. For example, you have the possibility of subscribing to YouTube channels  without having to create an account , of downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format or of opening a video in a mini-player that you can move wherever you want.

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Finally, it should also be noted that subscriptions, history and recorded videos are stored locally (on your computer) and are therefore never sent to Google. Ah yes, I almost forgot, you also have a dark theme available. Amazing, isn’t it?!

In addition, there is an extension called FreeTube Redirect available on Chrome and Firefox which allows you to redirect all YouTube links to FreeTube .


FreeTube is arguably the best YouTube client out there today. It is free, open source and ultra complete. In addition, its user interface is really very easy to use. What else do you want ?!

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