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If you’re overwhelmed with emails and can’t process them, here’s a free service you’ll love. Designed to work with Google email addresses (Gmail and Gmail for business), Gated is a free service that sets up a kind of “gatekeeper” at the entrance to your mailbox.

Operation is simple. You make a list of people who can contact you, and if someone you haven’t verified sends you a message, it ends up in a special folder called “Gated”.

It is then up to you to authorize some of these new email addresses. After a while, you will then see in your inbox only the people you know and the rest will be discarded.

The funny thing is that if someone really wants to contact you, to pass this filter, they can send a donation to a charity of your choice. What to get rid of the relous.

Gated does not access email content, but relies on Google’s API to simply verify sender email addresses. And the service is totally free, because funded by donors.

I didn’t set it up on my end, because I don’t use Gmail, but I think the idea is not bad. Gated even advertises itself as a noise-canceling headset for our emails.

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