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Artificial intelligences appear in all fields, and that of image generation is no exception. All technology companies are working on it: Nvidia with GauGAN, Meta with Make-a-Scene, Google with DeepDream, or OpenAI with DALL-E. The latter creates, among other things, images using an artificial neural network, but it is not open to the public, for fear that it will be misused for less ethical purposes. However, a lighter version has been developed at Hugging Face: DALL-E Mini, which has become Crayon to avoid confusion with the original project. This tool is therefore the subject of our article!

Craiyon, a free image generator based on artificial intelligence

Crayon is an AI-based consumer online tool (DALL-E Mini) that helps to generate images from text. Note that the images are not intended to be the most realistic (like blurry and distorted faces). So, don’t be surprised to sometimes have grotesque results. That said, this subtlety is part of the charm of the tool which leaves room for experimentation and discovery!

No language or query length is imposed by the image builder. However, the results seem more consistent for short queries and in English. After entering your query and clicking the orange pencil icon, a selection of nine images will appear after 2-3 minutes maximum.

You can select an image to enlarge it or take a screenshot. Ditto for the grid of nine images. Here we touch on the main limit of the application, namely too much compression which deteriorates the quality of the images (visible pixelation).

Use the generated images as you see fit!

The Craiyon team clarifies that the images can be used freely for personal use and even printed on a T-shirt! By crediting them “”, they can also be shared with your friends or on Hugging Face (account required) where we already find the fruits of the limitless imagination of other users!

The site is advertising-funded and promises improvements for the future, including bigger, sharper images and more realistic faces. Finally, Craiyon also exists in the form of a android app to unleash your creativity anywhere and anytime!

The Craiyon tool being free, we can only invite you to discover it for yourself. If you know of other AI-based graphic design web apps, feel free to mention them in the comments!

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