Generate your collection of NFTs without coding

If you are an artist and want to line your pockets to please your community, now is the time to launch your collection of NFTs.

But how do you do it when you only know how to draw and not code to put it online?

Well, nothing could be simpler with Nifty Generator which will allow you to randomly assemble your image layers to produce thousands of images with their metadata which will then be referenced in a Solana or Ethereum blockchain.

You will be able to configure the name and description of the collection, the royalties you want to collect on resales, the symbol of the collection and how the royalties should be shared on different wallets.

Super simple to use. It’s up to you now 🙂

Well, it’s because I don’t know how to draw otherwise, you would already have your collection of “Korben” NFTs ;-)))

The authors of this site have also created the collection of NFT Mycoverse , as well as a site that allows you to draw in pixel art to then sell your works or even Nifty Airdrop which gives you a list of all the addresses that have recovered your NFTs , to then be able to thank them with a little surprise airdrop.

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