Github Copilot – The Visual Studio Code extension that writes code for you

There are several ways to see life… With the anxiety of what will happen tomorrow, or with confidence in a total letting go.

And today I have both good AND bad news. Well, you have surely followed the progress of deep learning, in particular with regard to the generation of texts with the GPT-3 algo of OpenAI .

Many projects are built around this, and one of them called Copilot may tense you up a bit if you are a developer.

Developed by Github, this tool using OpenAI algos, is a Visual Studio Code extension capable of writing code for you. It’s like auto-completion except that instead of finishing your words, it will actually write complete functions for you.

To achieve this feat, Copilot was “trained” by absorbing billions of lines of code from public Github repositories in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Go, Typescript and so on…

So obviously, Github is not saying that this tool will put developers out of work… no, no. At the moment, it is indeed an excellent assistant that will help you pee from the line 2 times faster.

Copilot is also useful for seeing different possible approaches to writing your code, integrating unit tests without the hassle, transforming comments into code, or even generating repetitive code like this:

The more code it eats, the more relevant it will become and I think that in the long term, this kind of tool will be added to NoCode services which already allow you to create applications without knowing how to develop.

This will produce code that will in most cases be quality and optimized without the need for development training and that’s cool.

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But, indeed, some developers risk being “disrupted” as they say in the startup nation! However, rest assured, you still have quite a few years ahead of you before your boss comes to you to announce that he will replace you with a NoCode service at $12.99 per month.

So think about it and train yourself to prepare for the future.

For the moment Copilot is in private beta, but you can register on the waiting list to test this extension by visiting this site .

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