Google Cloud wants to offer services for developers building applications on the blockchain. The American giant affirms its desire to be involved in the development of the Web 3 ecosystem .

Google Cloud as a must-have tool for developers

Google is one of the kings of the Web 2 universe. The American giant seems to have decided to establish itself as a technological solution serving the blockchain and Web 3. Web 3 corresponds to the emergence of a new era for the Internet with blockchain technology , crypto-currencies , the metaverse and artificial intelligence at its heart.

Vice President and General Manager of Google Cloud Amit Zavery wants to make the American solution a reference choice for Web 3 developers. He says:

It’s still early days for the world to shift into the Web 3 era, but it’s a market that is now showing huge potential, with many customers asking us to increase our support for crypto-related technologies and the web 3.

Google Cloud therefore wishes to meet the expectations of its customers and in turn jump on the Web 3 bandwagon.

No products announced at this time

For now, the Silicon Valley company has not announced any specific products related to the world of Web 3. However, it seems likely that it will move more towards “back- end  ” to support innovation and projects in this ecosystem.

A recent study of hundreds of developers on Stack Overflow showed that 85% of them had never developed software or an application using the blockchain before. A situation that is likely to change with the arrival of Google in the world of Web 3. Indeed, the impact of a giant like Google is likely to be felt on the massive adoption of blockchain technology by the community. developers.

Amit Zavery clarifies that Google will not ride the wave of cryptos but should provide services to companies building and developing applications in this ecosystem. This could include technologies aimed at facilitating access to data hosted by the blockchain.

It will still be necessary to wait to know the team formed by Google Cloud in the service of Web3. However, it seems logical that one of the most innovative companies of the last 30 years is interested in the enormous potential of blockchain and Web 3. We will closely follow the progress of this project and Google’s announcements in connection with it. the blockchain ecosystem!

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