Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is a mystery. But the role of the developer Hal Finney is discussed again and again, today he would have been 66 years old.

  • Who is behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the biggest mysteries in crypto space to this day .
  • In the debate about the question, new, adventurous theories often emerge. But one name keeps coming up: Hal Finney.
  • Because Finney was significantly involved in the development of the peer-to-peer electronic cash system and received the first transaction of 10 BTC at that time.
  • Part of the crypto community assumes that this transaction was just a test – and Finney himself Satoshia Nakamoto.
  • With the involvement of a real person, the Bitcoin inventor could have verified the credibility of his software. Because Finney was a respected software developer of the PGP Corporation .
  • Unfortunately, Finney died in 2014 and took the secret to his grave, today would have been the developer’s 66th birthday, because he was born on May 4th, 1956.
  • A supposed contradiction because Satoshi Nakamoto’s date of birth does not match this date. Because there is a profile on the P2P Foundation website , which is said to be the real Satoshi.
  • According to this profile, Satoshi Nakamoto was born on April 5, 1975. But the information could be more of a reference to a historical event, because on April 5, 1933, all Americans had to hand over their gold to the US Federal Reserve. In 1975 private ownership of gold was allowed again in the USA. A fitting date of birth for the inventor of virtual gold.

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