Hide macOS Status Bar Icons with Dozer

If you are on macOS, you may have a status bar full of icons of all kinds. And it takes up a crazy place on the screen, so much so that it stresses you out.

Yes, for some people like me, a lot of ambient mess is reassuring. And for others with genes similar to those of serial killers, everything must be clean with nothing sticking out. Who knows…

In short, it is these people that I am addressing today with a free software called Dozer which automatically hides all these awful icons present in the status bar.

Once launched, you will have two or three black dots in the status bar that you will have to move to the left of the icons that you want to keep displayed (with the shortcut CMD + click).

Then you just have to click on it to hide the rest. Here is what it gives.

From the brothel:

Damn it:

Different options allow you to launch the application at startup or to automatically hide the icons after a few seconds…etc.

To install Dozer, you can download the software on his Github page or install it using Brew:

brew install --cask dozer
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