Google Maps is great to use, but not necessarily to print. Fortunately, there is a site called PDF Map Maker that will allow you to generate a print-ready PDF from Google Maps.

You choose the location, the page format (portrait, landscape…etc.), the base map you need (road traffic, satellite, plan…etc.), but also the zoom level, the 3D style or not, the rotation and above all a pitch to have a map at an angle different from that of the upper view of the satellite.

Once you have what you want, you click on Download Map and you get a nice PDF which you can then print or send.

What’s really cool about this service is that you can add your own geographic data to it by importing it in JSON format. To generate this kind of files, go to Vector .

Useful for providing a map to guests, deciding on the location of your wolf traps or organizing a treasure hunt in the streets of your city.

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