How do I run RAZER hardware on Linux ?

If you’re a *little* gamer, you probably know hardware maker Razer. But yes, these pretty keyboards, computers or even mice resplendent like Autobots in a Pride.

The thing is that gamers’ gear generally only works on Windows… Linuxians being put aside, they launched a project called OpenRazer which has no other purpose than to port Razer drivers to Linux.

OpenRazer therefore consists of unofficial drivers for Razer hardware as well as all the daemons needed to run the hardware and configure it. Nice initiative, isn’t it?

Thus, with this project, you will be able to operate your keyboards, touchpads, mice, mouse pads (yes yes…), helmets and other Razer brand gear and you can even script their behavior with a little Python thanks to an API.

Take a look at the OpenRazer site to quickly find out if your hardware is supported.

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