Find out how many words to write for blog posts that are informative for your readers and optimized for search engines.

An SEO question that comes up regularly and to which we do not always find an up-to-date answer is: 

How many words to write for my blog post?

The statistics are clear. In general, blog posts should be over 1000 words and the optimal length is 1600 words per post. This length keeps the reading time to less than 6 minutes on average. Your readers are 94% more likely to read your articles until the end when you respect this margin of 6 minutes. For SEO, the ideal blog post length should be 2,100 to 2,400 words, according to research conducted by HubSpot.

However, remember that the number of words only matters if your content is of QUALITY. Factors like your audience, topic, and article structure will also influence the ideal length of the article.

Read on to find out how many words your blog post should be in 2021. 

In general, write an article of more than 1000 words

1000+ words should be the default. 

And this, both to hope to position yourself on the search results of search engines and to satisfy the curiosity and needs of your readers.

For SEO referencing

Search engine algorithms like Google scan your content and analyze semantics, detect synonyms, keywords… 

They also consider related words and expressions as complementary to this topic.

In other words, the more detailed and in-depth your blog post is, the more likely you are to rank for your keywords in search engine queries. 

But beware, this is only true if the quality is maintained.

The idea is not to write at all costs but to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and create value.

In its latest Google Search Page Experience Update, the American Internet giant notably discusses the importance of relevant and quality content. 

“We will prioritize pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects are unsatisfactory. The quality of the user experience of the pages should not trump the quality and relevance of the content.” Source: Google Search Central .

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According to a study by SearchMetrics , articles that rank at the top of Google search engine results are between 1140 and 1285 words.

Yoast SEO also mentions in its study that a quality article of 1000 words or more has a better chance of being well positioned on Google.

For your readers

Moreover, note that a long article creates a perception of superior quality and leaves a good feeling to the reader.

There is indeed a certain sense of satisfaction that short and skimmed content cannot provide.

Personally, I’m often tempted to leave a short blog post (less than 600 words) almost immediately, especially if it lacks images or well-defined titles and subtitles.

It makes me feel like it has no real value to offer.

Also, remember that your article must be easily scannable and therefore be well divided into several paragraphs and easily readable subtitles.

In its study, HubSpot reports that 43% of readers scan a blog post.

Hence the importance of writing a clear, concise, complete and well-structured blog post.

When you write a blog post, your main goal should be to provide maximum value to your reader and meet search intent as best as possible.

From then on, you are perceived as an authority in your sector. Your audience no longer has to jump to ten different websites to get the full information because you provide it in one super comprehensive blog post.

Articles longer than 1000 words can give you an edge over competitors who focus strictly on short content.

Here are some numbers that should motivate you!

How many words to write for my blog post

According to a study conducted by Semrush in December 2019, articles longer than 3000 words, in comparison to articles of medium length (901 to 1200 words) have:

  • 3x more traffic
  • 4x more shares on social networks
  • 3.5x more backlinks

Now let’s take a closer look at how many words your blog post should have depending on the type of article, i.e. answer to a question from the web, that you want to contribute.

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Ideal blog post length for different post types

There are usually 3 blog post structures and each of them has an optimal word count.

How many words should a pillar page contain? 

A pillar page should be around 4,000 words, according to a study by Hubspot. 


Because it is supposed to cover a much larger theme than an average blog post.

A pillar page is a guide or in other words, a complete resource on a given subject, available on the Internet in the form of a blog post. 

It addresses the main subjects that revolve around the topic in order to give a complete overview to the reader.  

It serves as a “pillar”, that is, the basis for a set of blog posts, all related to the subject explained in the pillar. 

You have to imagine it as the backbone of your site.

The pillar page will thus make it possible to segment and direct the reader to other articles. 

Need help figuring out what to include in a pillar page and how to structure it? Visit this article: How to Write a Pillar Content Blog Post?

How long should list and ‘how to’ type articles be?

List or ‘how to’/tutorial type articles should be around 2200 to perform best. 

It is a fairly simple and intuitive article format because generally the idea is to list ideas, tips, resources or steps to be carried out for a given subject.

The rule of thumb for this type of article: the more points or examples, the better.

Whether it’s a tutorial, or an answer to a ‘how to’ question, the ideal length will vary significantly depending on the number of steps involved and their complexity.

The idea is to succinctly describe the step-by-step instructions.

Also, in addition to listing all the possible examples or steps, including links and images will help bring even more authority to your article.

How many words to write for my blog post that answers a question?

‘What is’ blog posts or those that answer a question (other than ‘how to’) should be between 1200 and 1600 words (this is the case with this post, which answers the question ‘ HOW MANY words to write for my blog post’ and that totals 1500 words)

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Generally, this type of article will answer a very specific question (what, what, why, where, when…) and for which there is little competitiveness. This is the type of post that we write in order to create traffic quickly.

The idea is to be concise and to provide a clear and quick explanation, without digressing.

What is the minimum length for a blog post?

The Yoast SEO plugin recommends at least 300 words.

How many words to write for my blog post - yoast

“ For regular articles or pages, we recommend writing more than 300 words. Why ? Well, a higher word count helps Google better understand the content of your text. And, generally speaking, Google tends to rank longer articles better.” Source: Yoast

Nevertheless, statistics show that writing more complete and therefore longer articles is to be preferred.

This will help your blog gain authority with search engines. 

But again, although blog posts with more words tend to perform better, that doesn’t mean you should always try to maximize the number of words you write.

Remember that you should write with your reader in mind. Your mission is to help him by responding as best as possible to his request. 

Quality therefore remains paramount.

If you feel the topic is well covered and dense enough in terms of content after writing X amount of words, then so be it.

Don’t make the mistake of writing to write. Stretching a subject that you have already covered does not benefit you, on the contrary.

Take action

You now know the ideal length for each type of item. 

And you also know that the quality of your blog posts is not only found in the length.

So now is the time to get started!

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