How to add and verify a website on PropellerAds in a few steps

To be able to serve ads, after creating and verifying the account , you must add one or more websites and verify them.Discover, in a few steps and very quickly, how to add and verify a site on PropellerAds.

Register on PropellerAds

Adding a site to your dashboard and verifying it will connect it to the PropellerAds system to start serving ads to it. The verification step allows PropellerAds to verify that you are the owner of the site.

Add and verify a website on PropellerAds

Adding and verifying is done in almost one step. In your dashboard, go to the “  Sites  ” section and click on “  Add a site  ”.

Add a website to PropellerAds

Add your website URL and click ”  Add Site  “. To verify that you are the owner of the site in question, you will be offered two methods. The first is to place a piece of code between the <head> and </head> tags of your site.

Verification code

If you want to use the verification code, copy it and paste it into your website source code. Click on “  Copy code  ” to place it in the clipboard.

<meta name="propeller" content="1234c54603ccffa639f158d2b22c18d8">

The code above is the example of the one that you will inject into the source code of your site. If you are using a WordPress site and you don’t know how to proceed, see this article → how to use a plugin to place code in the site header .

To add and verify a site on PropellerAds, the second method consists of downloading a verification .HTML file and placing it in the root directory of your site. To achieve this, you must have FTP access to the server where the relevant website is hosted.

Verification HTML file

Once the code has been added between the <head> and </head> tags of your site or the .HTML file uploaded to the server, return to your PropellerAds dashboard to apply the verification by clicking on ”  Verify  “. Your site will be verified and you can now create ad formats.

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