How to burn iso file to usb flash drive easily

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to burn iso file to usb flash drive easily

We are used to burning Iso files on a CD or DVD, but do you know that it is possible to burn an Iso file on a USB key? In this very simple tutorial we will use a free software called ISO TO USB. It will allow you to burn Iso images whether Windows, Linux, troubleshooting tools. The application can also make them bootable.


  • 1 What is an Iso?
  • 2 A free tool to burn iso file to usb flash drive
    • 2.1 Why use a USB key?
    • 2.2 Using the RUFUS software
    • 2.3 Using the ISO TO USB software
  • 3 Alternative tools

What is an Iso?

An Iso is in fact a compression of several files in 1. A bit like a .zip file.

Except the ISO format can be mounted like a virtual CD/DVD drive. So we usually say that an ISO is an image (a photo) of a CD / DVD in digital format .

Microsoft, for example, usually offers you the system and Office DVDs in ISO format .

The Iso files you download are actually digital copies of an installation DVD/CD.

For those who want to enrich their IT culture, do not hesitate to read the description of this format .

In this tutorial I will show you that we can burn an ISO file on a USB key.

A free tool to burn an iso file on a usb key

Why use a USB flash drive?

A USB flash drive is more robust than a CD and you can carry it around easily. Now USB keys have more storage space than DVDs . 16 GB USB flash drives are very affordable . (- €10).

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Using the RUFUS software

Rufus is well known and very reliable. It also ensures compatibility with UEFI Bios.

Download the tool from the official website: The new version of Rufus (3.5) allows you to download Windows 10 and/or Windows 8.1 ISOs directly.

rufus iso download

Click on Download , Rufus runs the Powershell Fido script

windows rufus choice

You choose your version of Windows.

Windows 10 rufus version choice

You can choose the version (19H1 ==> it is the May 2019 version of Windows 10)

choose windows 10 os version

You choose the HOME (Windows Home) or PRO (Windows Professional) version

Finally we choose the language, the ISO is downloaded and you can burn it on your USB key.

You can use the portable version. It is transportable and does not require installation.

Rufus interface

1 – Connect your USB key then select it as a device

2 – In “selection” you must choose your ISO file

3 – Adapt the destination system according to your type of BIOS (classic or Uefi)

4 – Start, the “engraving” will begin and you can start from your USB key.

The RUFUS method is ideal for burning operating systems.

Using ISO TO USB software

You have to download the software from the official website .

iso to usb free tool to burn iso file
On the site, click on Download Now

The exe file is downloaded, you can install the application.

installation iso to usb

Once installed the application launches.

burn iso file to usb drive iso to usb
The interface is easy to use
  1. You have to choose your ISO.
  2. Choose your USB key
  3. Choose the FAT32 format and give a name to your usb key
  4. Check the Bootable box to be able to boot from the USB key
  5. Click on Burn to start burning on the USB key

Please note that your USB key will be formatted.

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Once the process is complete you can boot to your USB drive.

For example you will be able to launch the installation of Windows if you have burned an ISO of the Windows system.

Alternative tools

There are a multitude of tools out there but I find ISO to USB to be simple and does the job.

In the same genre we can cite:

YUMI: Official site  (rather multi-boot)

RUFUS: Official Site  (very simple and very complete)

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