How to Bypass Youtube Age Verification?

If you’re an adult and have a YouTube account, you’ve probably never noticed that some videos require age confirmation. But when you’re not logged in and you want to watch a clip or a short film with a bit of violence in it (there are no boobs on YouTube) there’s no way.

And that, it is quite relou. Luckily, there is an extension/userscript for Firefox/Chrome/Edge that hijacks Google’s API to access age-restricted YouTube videos anonymously.

Just to make sure, in case the API workarounds don’t work, a proxy server is also used. This makes it possible to watch all types of age-restricted videos on YouTube and YouTube Music without age verification and without needing to be logged in.

Perfect ! And of course if you’re underage, I wouldn’t recommend installing that kind of thing, because that kind of blocking is in place to protect you from violent images that might scar you. Anyway, if you see something shocking on the internet, tell an adult and don’t stay with it on your heart, it’s not good.

To download here.

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