How to compare two files in Notepad++ (2023)

How to compare two files in Notepad++ (2023)

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In this tutorial, we will learn How to compare two files in Notepad++ (2023) – Windows Guide

Notepad++ is a free and open-source text editor and source code editor for Microsoft Windows. It was first released in 2003 and has since gained a reputation as a powerful and user-friendly tool for editing text and code.

Notepad++ supports a wide range of programming languages and provides a variety of features to aid in code editing, such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, code folding, and multiple document support. It also includes a number of useful plugins and can be customized through its settings and preferences.

Notepad++ is frequently used by developers, programmers, and IT professionals for tasks such as editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and other programming languages. However, it can also be used for basic text editing and note-taking.

Features of Notepad++

Some of the features of Notepad++ include:

  • Syntax highlighting: Notepad++ can automatically highlight different parts of your code based on the programming language you’re using.
  • Code folding: You can fold sections of your code to hide them and make it easier to navigate through large files.
  • Auto-completion: Notepad++ can automatically complete code for you based on what you’ve typed so far, which can save you time and help reduce errors.
  • Multiple documents: You can open and edit multiple documents at the same time in Notepad++. Each document appears in a separate tab, making it easy to switch between them.
  • Find and replace: Notepad++ has a built-in search function that allows you to quickly find and replace text within a document or across multiple documents.
  • Plugins: Notepad++ has a large number of plugins available that you can use to add additional features and functionality to the text editor.
  • Customization: You can customize many aspects of Notepad++, including the appearance and layout of the editor, the way code is highlighted, and the shortcuts you use to perform common tasks.

What is Notepad++ Compare Plugin?

The Compare plugin is a plugin for the text editor Notepad++ that allows you to compare two files side-by-side and highlight the differences between them. It is useful for identifying changes between versions of a file, or for comparing similar files to see how they differ.

Features of Notepad++ Compare Plugin

Notepad++ is a feature-rich text editor with a variety of capabilities, including:

  1. Syntax highlighting: Notepad++ provides syntax highlighting for over 50 programming, scripting, and markup languages, making it easier to read and edit code.
  2. Auto-completion: The editor offers intelligent auto-completion of code and symbols, which can help speed up coding and reduce errors.
  3. Multi-tab interface: Notepad++ supports multiple tabs, allowing users to work on multiple files at the same time and switch between them easily.
  4. Search and replace: The editor has a powerful search and replace feature that enables users to quickly find and replace text within a document or across multiple files.
  5. Code folding: Notepad++ allows users to collapse and expand code blocks, which makes it easier to navigate large files and keep the code organized.
  6. Customizable user interface: The editor can be customized with a variety of themes, fonts, and other settings to fit the user’s preferences and needs.
  7. Plugin support: Notepad++ has a large library of plugins that can be used to add new functionality to the editor, such as spell-checking, FTP support, and code snippets.
  8. Macro recording: The editor allows users to record and play back macros, which can automate repetitive tasks and save time.

Overall, Notepad++ is a versatile and powerful text editor that can be used for a wide range of programming and text editing tasks.

How to Install the Notepad++ Compare Plugin

Now, if you want to make notepad++ compare two files, then keep reading. But before that to use the Compare plugin, you first need to install it in Notepad++. To do so follow the steps below.

1. Press the Windows key, type Notepad++ and click on Open.

2. Then, select the Plugins menu and click on Plugin Admins.

3. Now, type the Compare plugin in the search bar and tick the checkbox next to Compare. Then, click on Install.

5. Click on Yes to start the installation process.

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How to Compare Two Files in Notepad++

After the Compare plugin is installed to compare two files in Notepad++, follow these steps:

1. Hit the Windows key, type Notepad++, then click on Open.

2. Then, go to File and click on Open.

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-155516″ src=”” alt=”go to File and click on Open. How to Compare Two Files in Notepad” width=”700″ height=”362″>

3. Now, select the two files you want to compare.

4. Go to the Plugins menu, then select Compare and choose Compare from the sub menu.

5. Finally the comparing process will start and you can see the differences between both the files.

The plugin will highlight the differences between the two files, showing added or removed lines in different colors. You can use the buttons in the Compare plugin window to navigate between the differences. Hence, this how you can compare two files in Notepad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is Notepad++ superior to Notepad?

Ans. Notepad++ is a text editor that is generally considered to be more feature-rich and powerful than the built-in Windows text editor, Notepad.

Q2. What is the most frequent use of a Notepad?

Ans. Notepad is a simple text editor that is included in Windows operating system. It is primarily used for creating and editing text files.

Q3. Can Notepad++ handle a large number of records?

Ans. Notepad++ is a text editor that is designed to handle large text files. It can handle files up to the maximum file size that your operating system and hardware can support. On most modern systems, this is in the range of several gigabytes. However, it’s important to note that Notepad++ is not optimized for handling very large files and may become slow or unresponsive when working with files that are significantly larger than 2 GB.

Q4. Is Notepad++ free?

Ans. Yes, Notepad is absolutely free.

Q5. Does Windows 10 support Notepad++?

Ans. Yes, Windows 10 supports Notepad++. Notepad++ is a popular text editor that is available for Windows operating systems only. It can be used to edit and view text files, as well as other types of files such as HTML, XML, and programming code.