How to convert YouTube video to MP3 ? [2022]

What’s great about YouTube is that you can find all kinds of videos, and especially music! You may have already created your playlist with all your favorite artists and titles on your YouTube account? The only problem is that you have to endure regular ads and the music cuts out as soon as you put your phone screen to sleep. Fortunately, there are very simple solutions to enjoy your favorite music present on YouTube, without YouTube. In this article, we are going to tell you how to download and convert YouTube video to MP3 .

  1. Download MP3 music for free
  2. How to download YouTube music for free?
  3. Which converter to choose?
    1. online converters
    2. Softwares
  4. How to Convert YouTube Music to MP3 on iPhone or Android?
    1. Snaptube (Android)
    2. Tube Mate (Android)
    3. noTube (iPhone or Android)
  5. What about legality?

Download MP3 music for free

Even though music streaming offers are booming, for many of us it’s still best to have the music we want in MP3 “offline” in our own library. In order to build up an impressive collection of MP3s, you don’t even need to resort to the often illegal content of P2P file sharing sites. The network is full of legal websites from which you can download tons of music for free.

There are now several software, online services and applications that allow you to quickly download free MP3 music . You just need to know which ones are the most reliable and learn how to use them well.

Here are the best sources for you to download free music from the Internet:

How to download YouTube music for free?

If you want to know how to download music from YouTube, you just have to turn to one of the solutions that I am about to tell you. This is a small (non-exhaustive) list of software, online services and applications for smartphones and tablets that will allow you to download the music of your choice from YouTube without having to pay a penny.

I assure you that it is very easy, it takes almost more time to say it than to do it. I just give you a little advice on the quality of audio files: many services and programs allow you to choose the output format and bit rate. Go for a quality of at least 192 kbps, but it is worth clarifying that no miracles can be done. If a video has poor sound quality, even recording it at 320 kbps (i.e. the maximum bitrate allowed for MP3s) will not bring any improvement.

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Which converter to choose?

As I told you, you have several free solutions to download MP3 audio files from the videos present on YouTube.

First, you can opt for an online converter that can convert YouTube video to MP3, MP4, and other formats . It’s simple, free and very fast.

In addition, there are also specialized software to install on your PC which also allow you to download YouTube videos in MP3 , FLAC, etc. These software are also very easy to use.

online converters

Online converters are a great solution to get MP3 files from YouTube videos. It’s free and very easy to use.

Quite often, they all work the same way. To use them, you just need to go to the site and then paste the link (URL) of the YouTube video you want to extract the audio from in the field provided.

Then select an output format from the adjacent drop-down menu (e.g. MP3) and click “OK” or “Convert” button. Wait for the file to be processed and click on the “Download” button to save it to your computer.

Here are the best online converters that I recommend:


YouTube-DLG, the free and open source YouTube MP3 converter

To download a YouTube video in the format of your choice , I suggest the excellent YouTube-DLG . The program is available for free on Windows and Linux.

YouTube-DLG offers a really easy to use interface. You just need to paste the link of the YouTube video you want to convert, and choose the output format. You can choose from MP4, WebM, MP3, M4a or Vorbis.

Then, you click on the “Start” button located at the bottom right and voila! Your music or video is automatically saved in the folder of your choice. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3, the cross-platform YouTube to MP3 converter

A great program you can use to download music from YouTube is MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 . It is actually a software for Windows and macOS to convert YouTube videos to MP3 , OGG or M4A with a maximum bitrate of 320 kbps. It’s free, but offers a subscription service (at a cost of $9.99 per year), called TurboBoost, which allows you to download music from YouTube without having to download the entire video (thus faster).

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To use it, paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download by clicking the “Paste URL” button.

Next, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left and choose the “Preferences” item from the menu that appears. In the new window that opens, select the “Audio output” tab, then select the download location. Also choose the output format you prefer from the drop-down menu next to “Convert to”. And finally, select the bit rate at 320 Kbits/s.

To download YouTube video to Mp3 for example, click the arrow on the top right and wait for the videos to be downloaded to your PC first and then converted to audio files.

4K YouTube to MP3, convertir YouTube en MP3

Another software that I can recommend is 4K YouTube to MP3 . The latter allows you to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 , M4A and OGG audio files while maintaining the highest possible quality (up to 320 kbps). It’s free for 30 days and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Note that the program also allows converting videos to MP3 from other platforms such as Soundcloud, Bilibili, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dailymotion, Twitch and Tumblr.

Its operation is very simple. Once on the main window of the program, paste the address of the videos you want to download by clicking on the ” + ” button located at the top left. By doing so, you can immediately start converting your video to MP3.

If, before starting the download, you want to change the format or quality of the output files and the location where the songs are saved (which by default is the Music folder), click the program’s “Preferences” button and set the values ​​you prefer among “Format”, “Quality” and “Folder Sections” present in the additional window that opens.

How to Convert YouTube Music to MP3 on iPhone or Android?

If you are looking for a way to download YouTube video to MP3 without a computer, know that it is also possible. To do this, there are free online applications and tools available on Android and iPhone.

Here are some very effective and easy to use applications:

Snaptube (Android)

Snaptube is one of the best apps for downloading music. It is a versatile application capable of downloading audio and video from many websites, not just YouTube. Browse the application, select to download the video you like best, choose the file format you want and enjoy the music on your phone.

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Tube Mate (Android)

TubeMate is an application whose interface is a bit ugly, but effective. By using it, you have a built-in YouTube browser. Find the video you want and tap the green arrow. Select MP3 and download it directly to your phone.

noTube (iPhone or Android)

If you have an iOS (iPhone or iPad), you won’t find the previous apps. However, I strongly recommend that you try noTube  from your mobile browser.

noTube is a website that offers free built-in functionality to convert videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and other popular streaming sites. As is usually the case, the developers provide an easy approach to the users by allowing them to convert videos to MP3, MP4 or other formats without the need to register or download anything.

What about legality?

You are certainly wondering if all this is legal or if you are not in danger of committing some kind of piracy…

Be aware that converting YouTube video or music to MP3 format is not illegal. The video must simply be from a legitimate YouTube source. On the other hand, this conversion and use of music in MP3 format must remain for private use.

Indeed, you do not have the right to share this MP3 file (even with a friend), nor to distribute it to several people during a party or an event. To be able to do this, you must obtain written permission from the author or singer of the source video. Otherwise, it’s called copyright infringement. It is therefore an illegal practice.

Just remember that it’s safe to convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 format to listen to at home or put them in your phone and listen to them with headphones.

It is the platforms that offer the conversion of YouTube video that are threatened by Google and that are accused of “violating the contractual conditions imposed on YouTube users, of violating the operating conditions of its API ( Application programming Interface ), of carrying out acts of piracy and to incur civil liability”.

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