How to create a free and easy-to-use temporary email address

When browsing the web, we are sometimes asked to provide our e-mail address. Even if in some cases this is necessary, we would like not to have to do it. The fact of providing our e-mail address exposes us to several inconveniences. Eventually, this address ends up being saturated with spam or even advertisements. And that’s not to mention the risk of hacking. For these reasons, it is sometimes advisable to use a temporary (or disposable) email address .

Create a temporary email address

If the idea of ​​having a temporary email address appeals to you, we have a platform that is made for you. This is Temp Mail . It’s a convenient and easy-to-use service that lets you create a temporary email address for free .

The email address you will open through Temp Mail is disposable. After a while, if you don’t use it anymore, it will self-destruct. This kind of e-mail addresses is of real interest. Indeed, you can use it to store all spam and advertisements that you do not want to receive in your main mailbox.

Tempmail: create a temporary (or disposable) email address

No risk and no commitment

Temp Mail is a comprehensive service that makes your security a priority. It is a tool that is fully encrypted and guarantees you anonymity when using it. What’s more, it is guaranteed risk-free and without obligation .

Moreover, it is an unlimited and completely free service. In other words, you can create as many temporary email addresses as you want. This will protect your personal email address from spam, bots, phishing and other online abuse.

Recover your disposable email address in a few clicks

Creating a disposable email address on Temp Mail takes just a few clicks. To do this, there is no need to register. All you have to do is go to the site and click on the ”  Open my box ” button.

Create a temporary email address with Tempmail

Temp Mail will then give you an email address that you can use immediately. Please note that the email address provided to you cannot be changed. The messages you receive on this address will be displayed in real time on the site page.

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On Temp Mail, you will not be able to reply to the emails you receive. You can only delete them.

Note that you can delete this address at any time. To do this, you just have to press the button designed for this purpose and you’re done.

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