How to create a free Business email address (easy guide)

In this guide we will learn how to create a free business email address (easy guide).

Do you want to create a professional email address? or Does your company need unlimited work email accounts so you can create one for each co-worker? Well, I confirm that you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of a professional email address. So our first question is what is a professional email address?…

A professional email address is simply an email that uses your own domain name or that of your organization. It works like a regular email, but it looks smart and professional. Here are some examples of professional email addresses: [email protected]

Say your name is Adam and you’re a freelance software engineer. You own a portfolio website named You may create or want to create an email address under this domain like [email protected] to send emails to customers. So, according to the definition, it is a professional email address.

Having a business email account for your business has benefits:

  • It looks more professional than any other mail like GMAIL, YAHOO, OUTLOOK or HOTMAIL
  • The professional email address is easy to remember
  • It builds trust when people see you have an email with your own domain
  • It promotes your brand itself every time you mail someone

Is a professional email address FREE?

Really, if you already have a domain or I mean a website, you can create the email account for FREE. Your web hosting provider like Bluehost or Hostgator may offer an email account with your web hosting.

Most web hostings offer anywhere from one to thirty email accounts, so you can create all of them under your domain name. The website uses a shared hosting service and it has the quote for 10 email accounts.

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So finally you will have to pay web hosting company to get web hosting and FREE email service is coming.

The easiest way to create a business email address or account

So if you already have web hosting with cPanel, good for you. Go to and get a hosting package for your website. Shared web hosting is the most popular and cheapest hosting plan that starts at $2.75-$3.95/month. You will get FREE domain, FREE CDN ​​and FREE SSL with this package.

When you are done creating your account on Bluehost, log in. In your account, you will see some menus on the right side. Click on the Advanced menu, it will take you to the cPanel.

create a professional email for free

You will now be in the cPanel. You will find the Email Accounts option under the Email section. Click this option to create a new email account for your business.

As soon as you click, you will be in a new page. There will be a blue colored button called Create. Clicking on it will prompt all fields to set like select domain, username and password.

You will see the email account created now on the list. There is a Check Email button, click this button, you will be on a new tab. Check Open my inbox when I log in to open the inbox directly each time.

How to set up your work email in Gmail

Google mail or Gmail is the primary and widely used email service in most cases. So, after creating a business email account, you might be wondering, “How can I add my work email address to Gmail? or try to find a solution that leverages your account management work.

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Don’t worry, we’ll cover that for you too. Using the following method, you can use your work email to send and receive emails from your Gmail account. So, let’s dive into it.

In your newly created account, an email was sent with the [] client configuration settings for the subject line “[email protected]”.

We need this email to set up work email in Gmail. Log in to the Gmail account. Go to Settings (cog icon) » See all settings » Accounts and import.

link gmail with your work email

Here are two parameters that we will play with. The first is Send email as . We use this setting to send using our professional mail. The other option is Check mail from other accounts . We use to check or receive the emails.

There is an Add another email address option under the first setting (Send email as) . On clicking on this option, a new window will appear like the following screenshot.

gmail name

You’ll want to write your name and work email or work email address there and click Next Step to continue.

In the next step, you will ask for the SMTP server, port, username and password. You see, now we need to verify the configuration email we received. Copy the outgoing server value and paste it into the SMTP Server field and set the same port as for the SMTP port. The username will be the full email address and the password will be the same password you generated for the email account in Bluehost cPanel. Secure connection using SSL should be selected by default.

professional email on wordpress

By clicking the Add Account button, Gmail will send you a confirmation email for the verification code. Go get the code, enter it and verify the account.

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Once you complete this step, you will see the newly added account under the Send Email as setting and you can test it by composing a new email. In Compose from, there will be a drop-down list to select the mail.

Now let’s configure the second parameter. Like the previous one, checking mail from other accounts is the same. Click the Add an email account option under this setting . A new window will appear. Fill in the field with your professional email address.

In the next window, select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click Next button to continue. And you will be asked to fill in username, password, POP server and port. All the information will be the same as we did for the previous setting except the port. The port will be the same as the POP3 port described in the configuration email.

You can check the four checkbox options as you like and click on the Add Account button .

edit email

Boom we’re done. You can test now by sending a new email to your work email address.

We are at the end of the blog post. Feel free to share this article with your colleagues and friends if you found it helpful. Comment below for any questions. We appreciate your collaboration on the blog.

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