How to create a media kit for your brand ?

How to create a media kit for your brand ?

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Designed to summarize a company, product or event, media kits provide quick access to key information about your brand. A real public relations tool , the media kit makes journalists and bloggers aware of your values, while defining your products and services.
You want to create one, but you don’t know how to go about it? Follow our advice!

1. Start with a brief summary

The first step in creating your media kit is to summarize your business in a few sentences. You can state your mission or value proposition.
Some information should appear in your preview:

  • The date of establishment of the company.
  • The location of the head office and possibly the number of points of sale or branches.
  • The size of the business.
  • The status of the company.
  • The press contact.

2. List some significant events

It’s time to bring out your press releases to show the development of your brand over time. You can include product announcements, company updates, or partnerships, in chronological order.
Offer an attractive fresco that takes up strong moments, as well as events that generated buzz . Also remember to add any prizes or awards.

3. Create the “About” section

Example of an "About" section
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Now onto the main section of your media kit! The “About” chapter should present your company in detail.
Here is some important information to include:

  • The presentation of the founder(s)
  • A history of your brand
  • The main characteristics of your products or services
  • Your difference and your strengths
  • Your unique value proposition
  • The needs you meet

4. Introduce your audience

The identity of your audience plays an important role in the decision of the journalist, blogger or partner. If your audience matches their target, they will be more likely to contact you!

Warning: However, avoid descriptions that are too long. Define your audience in a concise and dynamic way with infographics or icons that get the point across at a glance.

The recipient of the media kit should quickly understand what your market is.

5. Add customer testimonial

Customer testimonials for Media Kit

Your media kit should contain additional resources to help content creators produce a relevant article about your brand.
Here are some ideas for rewarding annexes:

Publications and mentions in the press

Has your company ever had articles in major blogs or media? If yes, list them by indicating the title of the article, the name of the author and the publication, as well as a link. You can also put a screenshot of the text.
Social media publications also have a place in this section: Facebook post, tweets, Instagram stories … All this content from influencers enhances your brand.

Tribunes or quotes

If your company’s leader or experts have written articles for major media outlets or been interviewed, consider adding it.
You can extract quotes from articles, to demonstrate your values, knowledge and skills in another way.

Case studies or customer testimonials

The objective of the media kit is to lead to a publication or a partnership. By highlighting the good results obtained by your customers, you reassure the reader. He will understand that working with you or talking about your brand will not compromise his own professionalism. On the contrary !

6. Provide high quality images

Another important part of your media kit is the quality of the images that tell your brand story. These visuals include:

The company logo

Prepare it in all possible formats: transparent background, white background, Photoshop format, jpg or png format, etc.
The recipient must be able to use it easily, on all media (print, press, web) and with all the basic image editing tools .

Team pictures

If you give a lot of space to humanization in your communication, offer a photo of your employees, which can be reused by the press.
If applicable, you can provide the portrait of the founder(s) of the company.

Product photos and videos

Also offer beautiful photos of your products , from all angles, as well as demonstration videos. You are sure that they will be highlighted correctly in future releases.
Make sure these resources are easily downloadable and can be viewed on all computers (Mac and Windows)