You like the movies ? One of the effective ways to arouse the expectation of spectators around a new film is to broadcast a trailer. As part of a business, the teaser strategy also exists as a pre-launch page.
What is that ? What are the advantages ? How to set it up? Get closer to the screen, we tell you everything!

A page to teaser your new products or services

A temporary, pre-launch page provides a brief overview of a product or service, the issues it fixes, and when it will be available. Its objective is to arouse enough consumer interest to create enthusiasm around this novelty.

This teaser page includes a form to fill out to stay informed and be notified when the game is released.

Why create a pre-launch page?

Marketing campaigns to promote a service start well before the launch. The aim is to make the research and development of this novelty profitable as quickly as possible.
A successful pre-launch page helps build a community. The latter will have to be regularly fed with content to arouse their impatience. But that’s not the only reason for creating a teaser page.
By offering an exclusive preview of your new idea, you can gather consumer feedback.

This feedback will help you assess the relevance of your project and detect areas for improvement before the official launch. You will be able to develop new options in order to align your idea with the real expectations of buyers.
Finally, the pre-launch page can also be used to perform A/B testing ! Take the opportunity to test your:

  • Slogans,
  • Presentations,
  • Visuals,
  • Call-to-action.

Upon exit, you will know which combo is attracting conversions.

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How to create an effective pre-launch page?

Let’s get down to business: creating the pre-launch page! How to ensure that it generates the expected benefits?

1. Think about your target first

The objective is not to arouse curiosity, but a real interest in your future product. What you want to attract are prospects who will want to benefit from this offer… or from another service offered by your company.

To do this, include as much information as possible, while keeping your target in mind.

What are his pain points ? His expectations ? What solution does she need? How are you going to help her? Clearly express your value proposition, without forgetting to expose your vision and your projects.

2. Look beyond the sale

Your pre-launch page should not be limited to the sale of this product / service. You can also use it as an opportunity to educate your audience and make new customers aware of your company’s benefits.
In addition to presenting the new solution, remember to promote the key concept that sums up your entire activity. Include statistics on how happy your users are in general or what your company has done for its customers.
This helps build trust in your product and encourages visitors to provide their email addresses.

3. Optimize the call to action

The primary purpose of your pre-launch page is to collect emails. Reason why calls to action are the most important part.
Make the CTA prominent with bright, contrasting colors that naturally catch the eye. To make it easier for your visitors, place this button:

  • At the top of the page, above the fold line and below the tagline.
  • In the middle, after a strong argument.
  • Next to the registration field.
  • At the very bottom, at the end of your presentation.

Also, signing up for your list should be the only call-to-action on the page. It is even advisable to remove the navigation menu , so that the visitor can fully concentrate on the teaser.
For button text, use consumer-centric wording like: “Notify me when product launches,” “Sign up for exclusive access,” “I want it,” or “Keep me posted.”

Source : Hasibur rK

4. Take care of your copy

High-quality images and design grab attention, but it’s your words that will convince the visitor to leave their email. For a quality text, consider:

  • Write a catchy title
  • Inject emotion
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • To make a promise
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Ask a question

The text should highlight your product and be kept short enough to hold visitors’ attention. Remember to highlight strong formulas, statistics or your key argument. This energizes reading and keeps the visitor awake.
The pre-launch page is all about building excitement, spotlighting your business, and building a community around your new project. The goal? sell your novelty as soon as it is released!

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