How to create an application icon (Android, iOS, macOS…)

For a developer, it’s not always easy to create an icon for his application (Android or iOS). When the latter cannot call on a designer / graphic designer, he is obliged to do the work alone. And that is not always easy. Today, thanks to new technologies, he can count on tools to create application icons. IconKitchen is one of them.

Icon creation made easy with IconKitchen

IconKitchen is an online tool created by Roman Nurik. Seeing that some Android developers were having difficulty designing icons, he had the idea to develop IconKitchen.

Initially, this tool was called Android Asset Studio. After meeting a huge success, the utility has undergone small changes. Roman Nurik added more effects, sizes and icons to it.

Today, IconKitchen has become a reference for all developers when it comes to creating Android, iOS, macOS or WatchOS app icons.

How to create an application icon (Android, iOS, macOS…)

Several tools at your disposal

IconKitchen is a web application that puts several icon creation tools at your disposal. You will be able to choose from different options for customizing your icons.

To begin creating an app icon, you’ll need to begin by choosing a clip art . When this is done, you can add the text of your choice to your icon. You can choose its font, color, but also the effects you want to add.

With IconKitchen, you can choose the background color of your icon. The tool offers a wide range of colors. IconKitchen also lets you change the texture of your icon . You can choose ripples, stripes or even mosaics.

A mobile application icon according to your needs

On IconKitchen, you can also choose the shape of your icon. It can be round, square or even have rounded corners.

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If you wish, you can also use an image of your choice for your icon. It can be centered or resized.

Apart from these numerous tools, IconKitchen also has some very handy features. We will mention in particular the possibility of switching to dark mode.

It should be noted that downloading IconKitchen is completely free. To download your application icon, simply click on the “Download” button.

As you can see, IconKitchen is a great online tool for quickly designing app icons on a variety of platforms, from iOS and Android (responsive icons) to web (favicon and more) and macOS.

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