How to create an escape game online?

If you’re a fan of escape games or have the neural wiring to create one from scratch, but don’t feel like renting an apartment to put fake blood and rusty chainsaws in, I’ve got what you need. ‘you need.

This is a free site called Rakura, which allows you to create stopover games online. It’s up to you to create your rooms, to illustrate them with a nice image, to indicate the presence of furniture, padlocks, and objects to find to put in the player’s inventory.


Thus, you can create your puzzles and other traps and share your personal escape game with the whole community.

Of course, if you’re as creative as an asparagus, that’s okay, because you’ll still be able to play to other people’s escape gamesalone or with friends since the Rakura site offers dozens of adventures to explore.

We find there for example:

  • “The terrible salmonella – Escape from your restaurant”
  • “Hospital Leak – You wake up in an unfamiliar room, how did you get here? But above all how are you going to get out of here. »
  • “Kidnapper’s House – You got kidnapped by your neighbor. Escape before he comes back”.

An entire program !

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