How to Create Multiple Twitch Accounts with Same Email ID or Phone Number

In this Guide, we will se how to create Multiple Twitch accounts with same email ID or Phone Number 2022

Generally, we look for multiple accounts on the same platform when we have multiple needs or requirements to meet. When we create multiple app accounts, the expected burden is also to create multiple email addresses to avoid the first-hand “email id already exists” embarrassment.

On Twitch, you can not only create multiple accounts, but also hold as many accounts with the same email id or phone number! You can say goodbye to creating multiple email ids because now you can have as many accounts as you want under the same verified credentials.

The ability to create multiple accounts with the same email id/phone number is a feature of Twitch. You must enable this feature first to proceed and link multiple Twitch accounts to the current email address or verified phone number.

Make sure you have verified your email id to use this feature.

Enable additional account creation on Twitch with a verified email address

Launch Twitch on your computer and click the user profile button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the “Settings” option from the bottom half of the drop-down menu.

On the “Settings” screen, click on the “Security and Privacy” tab.

As mentioned earlier, this feature requires a verified email id. There would be no need to re-verify an email address you logged in to Twitch with, unless you logged in with your phone number. Next, you will need to add an email id and verify it further with a verification code sent to the mentioned email address.

Now click on the toggle button next to “Enable additional account creation” in the “Contact” section. The toggle button should be filled and turn purple with a check mark. This suggests that the feature is enabled.

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You can now create more accounts with the same verified email address you logged into Twitch with. You cannot enable this feature for a different email ID unless you are logged into Twitch with that ID.

A verified email address isn’t the only way to have multiple accounts on Twitch. You can also verify your phone number and add as many accounts as you want to that verified number! Here’s how.

Enable additional account creation with verified phone number

To enable the additional account creation feature for your phone number, stay on the same “Security & Privacy” screen in your Twitch settings. If you are accessing these settings directly for the first time, follow the same procedure described in the previous section (  User profile button > Settings > Security and privacy  ).

To create multiple accounts and link them to your phone number, you must first verify your phone number.

Phone Number Verification

If you haven’t verified your phone number yet, click the “Add Number” button next to “Phone Number” in the “Contact” section.

Now click on the drop-down list next to “Phone number” to choose your country code. Next, add your verifiable phone number in the text box next to it. Once done, press the purple ‘Save’ button.

You will receive a prompt to confirm your phone number and continue to receive a verification code on it. If the number you see is correct, click the “Confirm” button. Otherwise, click on “Cancel” and modify your number in the same “Phone number” field.

Enter the verification code sent to your phone number in the six boxes provided in the next dialog box. If you haven’t received a code or can’t find it, click “Resend Code” to receive a new code. Once the code is entered, Twitch automatically accepts the code. If this does not happen, click the “Submit” button in the lower right corner of the box.

If the account is reusable — for multiple accounts, you will receive a “Phone number updated successfully” notification. And your phone number is successfully verified. You can now enable the feature to use and link multiple accounts to the verified phone number.

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You cannot enable additional account creation with a phone number that does not allow reuse.

Enable additional account creation

Now, all that’s left to have multiple accounts with your Twitch verified phone number is to enable the feature. Simply click the black and white button next to “Enable additional account creation” under “Phone number” in the “Contact” section. The toggle should be filled, purple, and checked.

You can now have multiple Twitch accounts and link them to the verified phone number.

What does it mean to enable additional account creation on Twitch?

Twitch’s provision for adding multiple new accounts to the same email address or phone number saves the hassle of creating new IDs or numbers to accomplish this goal. With the “Enable creation of additional accounts” feature, you can have multiple accounts with the same email address/phone number.

So, the next time you create a new account after enabling this feature, all you need to do is provide the same phone number or email id for verification, enter the verification code and you’re done!

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