How to customize the Quick Link (Win+X) menu in Windows 11?

The Quick Link ( Win+X ) menu in Windows 11 is a simple and convenient way to quickly access certain functions and tools of the operating system. The problem is that Microsoft does not offer any option to customize this menu. However, all is not lost! There is a free app called Win+X Menu Editor that allows you to customize the Windows 11 Quick Link menu to include your own favorite shortcuts. To learn more about this application and how it works, I invite you to continue reading this article.

  1. What is the Quick Link (Win+X) menu?
  2. Customize the Quick Link menu on Windows 11

What is the Quick Link (Win+X) menu?

The Quick Link (Win+X) menu in Windows 11 is a context menu that gives users quick access to commonly used functions and tools . It can be accessed by right-clicking on the Start menu icon or by pressing the Windows+ keys simultaneously X.

The Quick Link menu is divided into 3 groups . The first group is used to display the Windows desktop, to shut down or restart the computer. The second group contains shortcuts to Task Manager, Settings, and File Explorer, among other things. And finally, the third group allows you to access the power options, the Device Manager or even the Windows Terminal.

Quick Link Menu (Win+X) Windows 11

As I told you in the introduction, it is not possible to customize the Quick Link menu natively. Microsoft does not provide any option to do this in Windows 11. However, you can use a free utility like Win+X Menu Editor which will help you customize the Win+X Quick Link menu as you see fit. You can add your own shortcuts to access the functions and tools you use the most. For example, you can add the shortcut to Control Panel , Services, Notepad, etc.

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Customize the Quick Link menu on Windows 11

To add shortcuts to the Win+X Quick Link menu on Windows, follow these steps:

1. Start by downloading the free Win+X Menu Editor app .

2. Unzip the ZIP archive on your computer in the directory of your choice.

3. Run the software by double-clicking the WinXEditor.exe file .

4. From the program interface, you can create a new group (“Create a group”) or add shortcuts to the three existing groups (“Add a program”). Moreover, Win+X Menu Editor offers you to add predefined shortcuts to Control Panel, Services, Paint, Calculator, Windows Media Player, Snipping Tool or Notepad.

Create a new group in the Quick Link menu

For example, if you want to add the Control Panel shortcut to the Quick Link menu , right-click on the group of your choice, then select “Add” and then click “Add a Control Panel item”. Then select “Control Panel” from the list and click the “Select” button. You can also add shortcuts to This PC, Libraries, Trash, My Documents, Personalization, User Accounts, and more.

Add Shortcut to Quick Link Menu in Windows 11

To add a shortcut to a program to the Quick Link menu , right click on the group you want, then select “Add” and then click “Add a program”. Select your program’s shortcut, then click “Open.” Then give your shortcut a name and click “OK”.

Add Shortcut to Win+X Quick Link Menu on Windows 11

Note that if you want to delete a group or a shortcut , you just have to select it, then click on the “ Remove ” button.

Remove a shortcut from the Quick Link menu

5. Finally, to apply the changes , click on the “ Restart Explorer ” button located at the bottom right of the window.

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That’s it, now you know how to add a shortcut to the Win+X Quick Link menu in Windows 11.

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