How to deal with fake reviews in google my business ?

If you run a business, you know how much your “digital” reputation can work for or against you. Today, most Internet users have the reflex to check the ratings and reviews of an establishment before going there. Whether it’s a restaurant , a bar, a clothing store or a hotel.
However, your Google My Business profile can be damaged by fake negative reviews , aimed at damaging your reputation. How to find and remove them  ? We explain everything to you.

How to spot fake reviews on Google my Business?

It’s essential to make sure you’re dealing with a fake review before you act. For this, here are some tips for sorting.

1. The not very detailed opinion

When a customer review seems devoid of details, that it remains very general, this can raise questions. Let’s say you run a restaurant. Customers came with friends, they had reservations but their reservation was misplaced and your waitress questioned their good faith. They must have found another restaurant, they are even able to quote verbatim what your employee told them.
This is an opinion that seems well-founded and serious. Conversely, if a user writes something like: “Bad food. Industrial, rude staff. “. The question arises of the veracity of the experiment.

2. A user posts several similar reviews

On Google my Business , you have the option to click on a user’s profile to check other shared reviews . If you notice this person frequently starring and using substantially similar turns of phrase across different reviews, it’s very likely that they are a spammer or a malicious competitor .

3. A series of negative reviews are posted in a short time

Reviews on Google My Business

If you notice that many negative reviews are posted at regular intervals , this should alert you. It is very likely that someone with bad intentions wants to damage your reputation.

How to deal with fake reviews on Google My Business?

To get started, respond to all of your reviews . And this is true whether they are positive or negative. In the case of a negative review, this is all the more important. Why ? Quite simply because all exchanges are public. Any Internet user can see the opinion left but also read your answer.
It’s a chance for you to show your good faith and emerge from the attack. Here are some basic rules:

1. Respond cordially

Stay professional, do n’t take it personally . While being courteous, suggest that this review may be false, based on what the user says.

2. Thank

Yes, it may seem infuriating, especially since you know that the opinion is unfounded. But getting upset would work against you. Thank the person for sharing their opinion and helping you improve your service .

3. Admit your mistakes

If the opinion is justified, of course acknowledge your mistakes. Feel free to apologize if necessary. Again, if you’re convinced the review is fake, find a way to cast doubt on the veracity of the experience.

How to remove fake reviews?

Once you’ve positively identified a review as fake, you have the option of flagging it . This icon appears by hovering your mouse over the top of the notice.
You will be able to click, to report a violation of the terms of service . Then simply select the type of impediment and submit your request.
If the answer is delayed, you will have the possibility to contact Google My Business by message, via Twitter. Prepare in advance, to state your case clearly. Either way, take screenshots.

Why tracking fake reviews matters ?

According to different studies conducted in 2018:

  • 88% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase
  • 31% of consumers are willing to spend more if the rating is “excellent”
  • 68% of consumers have more confidence when they see positive AND negative reviews
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