Microsoft’s digital assistant, namely Cortana, is always installed by default in Windows 11. If this application is of no use to you, well know that you can get rid of it very easily. In this article, we will see together how to temporarily disable Cortana , but also how to completely uninstall Cortana in Windows 11 . Follow the leader !

  1. What is Cortana?
  2. Disable Cortana on startup in Windows 11“>Windows 11
  3. Uninstall Cortana from Windows 11
  4. How to reinstall Cortana in Windows 11

What is Cortana?

Cortana is Microsoft’s cloud-based virtual assistant that assists users with voice commands. You can use Cortana, for example, to find files, folders, and apps. You can also use this digital assistant to set reminders, search the web, configure settings on your PC, and more.

However, Cortana is far from being unanimous among users. Indeed, the application has been widely criticized for its lack of confidentiality. It must be said that Cortana collects a lot of information about you: location, search history, emails, and more.

The good news is that Microsoft has decided to remove Cortana from the startup experience and the taskbar in Windows 11. Cortana is no longer the default search engine in Windows 11, but just an application. However, Cortana is still installed by default and runs in the background in Windows 11, in the hope that one day it will be called …

If you don’t like Microsoft’s digital assistant, you can very easily disable the app or even completely uninstall Cortana in Windows 11. To do that, I invite you to follow the few steps below.

Disable Cortana on startup in Windows 11

By default, Cortana starts automatically when you start your Windows 11 session. If you want to prevent Cortana from running when Windows 11 starts, here’s how.

1. First, open Windows 11 settings by simultaneously pressing the Windows+ keys Ion your keyboard.

2. Then go to “ Applications ”, then click on “ Applications and features ”.

Windows 11 apps and features

3. From the “ Apps & Features ” section, scroll down the list of apps, then click the three-dot menu next to the “ Cortana ” app and select “ Advanced options ”.

Cortana advanced options

4. Finally, under “ Runs on connection ”, toggle the switch to “ Disabled ”. Restart your computer to confirm the changes.


Disable Cortana when Windows 11 starts up

✅ Now the Cortana app is disabled when you start your PC.

Uninstall Cortana from Windows 11

Although Cortana is now just an app, Microsoft still doesn’t allow uninstallation like other native apps. However, you can permanently remove Cortana from Windows 11 using a run command in Windows PowerShell.

To uninstall Cortana from your Windows 11 PC , follow these steps:

1. Start by opening Windows PowerShell. To do this, right-click on the Windows 11 Start menu , then select ” Windows Terminal (administrator) ” from the context menu.


2. To uninstall Cortana only for the current user, copy and paste the following command and press Entrée.

Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.549981C3F5F10* | Remove-AppxPackage
Uninstall Cortana on Windows 11 for the current user

3. To remove Cortana for all users, enter the following command and press Entrée.

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppxPackage
Uninstall Cortana on Windows 11 for all users

✅ Cortana is now uninstalled from your Windows 11 PC.

How to reinstall Cortana in Windows 11

If for some reason or another you want to reinstall Cortana on your Windows 11 PC, I invite you to follow the few steps below:


1. Start by opening the Microsoft Store .

2. In the Microsoft Store, search for “ Cortana ” in the search box and select the Cortana app from the search results. Also, you can also go directly to the Cortana download page  .

Search Cortana Microsoft Store

3. Finally, click the “ Get ” or “Free” button on the Cortana page. Wait for the app to download and install. Once the digital assistant is installed, you can use it again.

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