How to disable Windows Defender?

Be careful, disabling Windows Defender is not a risk-free operation. This tool from Microsoft really protects your computer and forcing it to be disabled can expose you to security risks.

Now that you are aware, be aware that it is difficult to deactivate Windows Defender because Microsoft regularly updates and always manages to reactivate it on your Windows 10 or 11.

The only case where Windows Defender agrees to deactivate is in cases where you install an antivirus. But if you don’t have an antivirus and still have a strong desire to deactivate it despite the risks, here is an open source tool that works miracles.

This tool is Defender Control which allows you to deactivate permanently. For this, the tool retrieves the right permissions that allow it to disable all services related to Windefender. It will also disable the Windows “anti sabotage” protection as well as all keys and other settings related to Windefender.

By installing Defender Control , your antivirus may also scream, but don’t panic, the tool is completely safe. Of course, the best thing is not to believe me and go look yourself at the sources that are here and compile the tool yourself.

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