How To Download Paid iPhone Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

How To Download Paid iPhone Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

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This article will cover the topic of downloading paid iPhone apps for free without having to jailbreak your device. As an iPhone user, you have access to the App Store where you can download and install a vast range of both free and paid apps. While free apps can be installed without any cost, paid apps require a fee to be paid prior to installation. However, there are alternative methods to acquire paid apps without having to pay for them. This article will explore these methods in detail and explain how you can download paid apps for free without resorting to jailbreaking your iPhone.

Ways to Download Paid iPhone Apps for Free Without Jailbreak

There are multiple ways to install the paid apps on iPhone for free without even jailbreaking your device, such as-

1. Using Third-Party App Store

There are various third-party app stores for iPhones that you can install. These app stores can be installed without any jailbreaking and you will find free versions of the app you want to download.

However, these third-party app stores and the apps on them may pose a risk to your device and your data might be vulnerable to privacy risks. Some of the third-party app stores that you can use are-

TweakBox- This is an unofficial app store that you can search for and download paid apps for free on your iPhone without jailbreaking. Its library comprises a wide range of apps that can be downloaded on your phone. 

AppEven- Another great third-party app store for iPhone is AppEven. It has a wide library of modded and tweaked versions of the paid apps so that they are available for free. You can install AppEven from its official website and install apps for free on your iPhone. 

AppValley- If you want to install apps for free on your iPhone, then you can use AppValley. You need not jailbreak your phone to install this app on your device. Once installed, you can search for the paid apps and download them for free on your iPhone.

Tutu Helper- Tutu Helper is a third-party app store that can be installed on your iPhone. You can visit the official website to download this app store on your iPhone. Once downloaded and installed, you can open the Tutu Helper and search for the app you want to install.

2. Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips

You can install Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips app on your iPhone from the App Store. This app lists all the apps that have gone free. If any app is available for free, even for a limited time, you will know it through this app and then you can install that app for free on your device.

3. Get Free Trials Of The Apps

Some popular apps on the App Store offer free trials. If the app you want to download has a free trial, then you can download that app through the free trial and use it.

However, you can use it for a particular time until the free trial period ends. It is also much safer to download the apps this way when compared to downloading from third-party apps.

Final Words

These were some ways to download and install paid apps iPhone apps for free without jailbreaking your device. We recommend you download the free trials of the app from the App Store instead of using a third-party app store to download the apps. Downloading free trials is much safer than downloading the tweaked versions of the app from unreliable sources.