Among the most popular social networks of the moment, it is impossible not to mention Instagram. The stars and influencers are also very numerous and active there. Launched in 2010, the application allows you to share photos and videos that you can like, comment on or even share in a private message. On the other hand, it is impossible to download the media that others post on their account, which is sometimes very frustrating. Fortunately, there are services and extensions that make downloading Instagram photos, videos and stories easy and free! This is particularly the case of SnapInsta  ! We tell you everything.

SnapInsta, a simple and free tool

SnapInsta is a web application for downloading Instagram photos and videos. You can save all the Insta content you like. Note, however, that the content you want to save must come from a public Insta account.

The online tool allows for quick downloading. Photos and videos are saved in their original resolution and quality. SnapInsta is also available as a mobile application on Android, but also as a Chrome extension. You can therefore use it on both your smartphone and your computer.

The advantage with SnapInsta is that you won’t need to log into your Insta account to use it. All you have to do is click a button to download the content that interests you! SnapInsta offers a really simple and hassle-free user manual.

Finally, note that the service does not require any registration to use it. Moreover, no restriction on the number of downloads is imposed. So you can use it as many times as you want.

SnapInsta: download Instagram photos, videos and stories
How to download photos and videos from Instagram? 3

How do I download an Instagram photo, video or story?

The operation of SnapInsta is relatively simple. To use the service, I invite you to follow these few steps:

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1. Start by copying the URL (link) of the Instagram photo or video you are interested in.

2. Then go to the SnapInsta site  or download the SnapX – Instagram Downloader app available on Android.

3. From the homepage of the site, you will find an “Instagram Paste URL” field where you need to paste the URL of the Insta photo, video or story you want to upload.

4. Finally, click the “Download” button to download and save the Instagram content.

Note that this manual is suitable for both the PC and mobile version of the service. Finally, note that the Chrome extension has the advantage of offering a download button that allows you to retrieve all the content from your profile or that of your favorite Instagrammer.

And otherwise, in the same kind of service, you also have StorySaver , iGram or Save From Web .

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