Want to watch Twitch stream offline ? Today I present to you Twitch Leecher , an open source software available on Windows that allows you to download Twitch videos , the famous streaming platform.

A free software that allows you to download Twitch videos

Twitch Leecher

Whether public videos or those of your favorite streamers, you can download them all to watch them later in offline mode for example.

Note that the program only requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher to work.

How to download a Twitch stream with Twitch Leecher?

The operation of Twitch Leecher is very simple. To download Twitch streams with Twitch Leecher, I invite you to follow these few steps.

1. Start by downloading Twitch Leecher from the GitHub platform.

All you have to do is install Twitch Leecher on your Windows computer and then launch it. Then you can search by channel name, ID or URL. In addition, if you have a Premium Twitch account, know that you can also connect with from the program in order to be able to download the videos visible only on subscription.

Once you have chosen your video, click on the small ” Download ” button at the top right of the window to download it. Next, you can  choose the video quality (high quality, medium quality, low quality, etc.), save location , file name , and time range . Note that the program supports multiple downloads.

As you can see below, a progress bar is displayed for each download, but there is no information on how long it will take. Another downside is that you can’t pause a download or change the transfer rate. Otherwise, it’s a very good program ????

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