Do you know how you recognize a real Linuxian?

That’s when it gets to the final stage where it creates chrooted environments ?

As a reminder, the chroot utility in Linux allows you to modify the path of the current root directory in order to be able to launch a command with this /root. Thus the command launched will run in this new /root and will not have knowledge, nor access to the rest of the system. This is a good way to contain a command for testing. It’s also a good way to run another Unix/Linux system on your existing system like you do with Distrobox.

Now here it is, if the command line bothers you, I have a great tool called Atoms and which is simply an interface to manage your Chroots under Linux.

A series of Linux images are supported such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, Debian, RockyLinux, Alpine Linux…and so on. But you can of course try running more experimental ones like Arch and Void Linux if you like.

SCR 20221108 leb

To install Atoms, you can go through Flatpak + Flathub.

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