How to easily edit videos online with Pixiko

To edit a video , there are many specialized software. However, most of them are quite heavy and/or chargeable. Also, you may not need to install any software if you only need to use it once. Instead, I suggest you use an online tool instead. In this sense, today I present to you Pixiko , a completely free online video editor .

Pixiko: a complete online video editor

Pixiko is an online video editor that has all the tools you need to create great videos in the resolutions you want. The great advantage of this online tool is that it includes all the features you want, so you will no longer have to turn to specialized software. Moreover, Pixiko does not require any installation, everything happens in your web browser.

Note that the use of Pixiko is totally free but nevertheless requires your registration if you wish to save your projects. Indeed, even if Pixiko will let you freely edit and create videos on its website, you can only save the result of your work by registering.

Free and easy to use software

Once on the Pixiko website , you will notice that its interface is very easy to use. At the top and bottom of the interface, you will find all the parameters taken into account to work on your videos. In particular, you can add a video, audio, image or text with just a few clicks. Also, Pixiko gives you the possibility to create effects, transitions, modify the rendering, etc.

Edit video online for free with Pixiko

You just need to upload the video you want to edit and use these tools. But if you only have audio and no video, you can create your audiovisual material using one of the videos available in the gallery of the service.

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