Easily use the Windows 11 calculator app regardless of system theme with new app-specific light and dark theme setting options.

Microsoft offers “Dark Mode” for several built-in apps on Windows 11. These apps have been redesigned for a finer experience, including “Calculator”. Many of us prefer to have text on a dark background for better readability and to reduce eye strain. And it has a positive effect if you work long hours at a stretch.

There are two ways to enable “dark mode” on Windows 11 for the calculator app, either through the built-in calculator settings or by changing the Windows theme to “dark mode”. The first approach changes the theme to dark only for the calculator app, while in the case of the second, the theme is changed throughout the system. We’ll walk you through both methods.

Enable dark mode via Calculator app settings

To enable ‘Dark Mode’ via the Calculator app settings, press LES FENÊTRESSto launch the ‘Search’ menu, enter ‘Calculator’ in the text field and click on the relevant search result to launch the app.

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