I don’t know if you’ve been following, but Mozilla just enabled in “  Default we don’t care ” mode , the DoH option in the latest version of Firefox for all Americans.

DoH stands for DNS over HTTPS, and it encrypts DNS traffic to prevent third parties from observing the DNS queries you generate.

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Enable DoH in Firefox

If you are interested, in Firefox, you will have to go to the options menu, and click on “Preferences”.


Then go down to the bottom, in the network settings section and click on the “Settings” button.


Then check the box “Enable DNS over HTTPS”. You can choose the secure DNS provider (Cloudflare or Nextcloud) or specify your own. If you’re looking for a reliable list of DNS over HTTPS (DoH) providers, I’ve compiled several for you here.


Then press OK.

And There you go. Then, go to this test page to validate that everything works.


And if the Encrypted SNI section is red, here is an article on how to enable the SNI encryption feature.

Enable DoH in Chrome/Brave

To do this, enter the following line in the address field of the browser:


Then look for something called Secure DNS or DNS over HTTPS and enable the option


Then consider configuring your Windows / Linux or macOS network to use DoH-compatible DNS like those from Cloudflare: But if, you know, here in Windows (this is to refresh your memory):

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windows 1

Then go to this site to validate that everything works for you.


And There you go !

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