How to Enable Macros in Excel 2022

In this tutorial we will learn how to Enable Macros in Excel 2022 [ guide].

Enable macros in Excel when the message bar appears. Change your macro security settings in the Trust Center. To create macros, turn on the Developer tab.

1. When the message bar appears, click Enable Content to enable macros.

Enable Macros in Excel

Note: by clicking Enable Content, the Excel file becomes a trusted document. As a result, you won’t see the Security Warning again when you open this specific Excel file in the future.

2. To change your macro security settings, on the Developer tab, click Macro Security.

Click Macro Security

The Trust Center opens.

1. The first option disables all macros.

Disable All Macros

2. The second option always asks you to enable a macro. Use this security level if you are downloading a lot of Excel files from the internet. Don’t click Enable Content (see first screenshot on this page) if you don’t trust the owner of the Excel file.

Disable All Macros With Notification

3. The third option only allows macros with a digital signature to run, and asks you to enable others.

Disable All Macros Except Digitally Signed Macros

4. The fourth option enables all macros. Use this security level if you are a beginner and only typing your own macros at the moment. With this security level you don’t have to enable macros all the time.

Enable All Macros

5. If you’re new to Excel VBA, let’s create a simple macro.

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