How to Enable Windows 11 UI Styles in Chrome and Edge

Windows 11 unlike the previous iterations of Windows has rounded corners that gels up beautifully with the new design language introduced with the operating system. However, apps are still lacking behind in adapting that new menu style, resulting in an inconsistent user experience.

Though it definitely is not a major inconvenience, at the same time it doesn’t evoke a very good feeling as well. Fortunately, Chrome and Edge, probably one of the most used apps on your computer allow you to change those sharp-edged menus to more rounded ones enabling a better overall user experience for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with Chrome and be on our way to Microsoft Edge.

Use Chrome Flags to Enable Windows 11 UI Elements

All of the features available in the Chrome Flags register are experimental but since we will be tweaking only the UI elements to a minor degree, it should not at all pose a problem in your day-to-day working of the browser.

To change the menu style, launch the Chrome browser either from the pinned apps on the taskbar, Start Menu or by searching for it.

Then, to head to the Chrome flags page, enter the below-mentioned address in the address bar and hit Enter on your keyboard.


Now, on the Chrome flags page, locate the search bar and type Windows 11 style to search for the UI element flag. Then, from the search result, click on the drop-down menu present on the far right edge of the ‘Windows 11 Style Menus’ option and select the ‘Enabled-All Windows Versions’ option.

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Finally, click on the relaunch button at the bottom right of Chrome to let the changes take effect.

Note: Make sure to save your work/progress if you are using a web app before relaunching Chrome; as any unsaved data might be lost.

And that’s it when the Chrome relaunches you will be able to see a rounded menu style that matches beautifully with the rest of the UI language across the operating system.

Use the Experiments tab in Edge to Enable Windows 11 UI Elements

Though Microsoft by default has enabled the new UI elements in Edge that is only when you are ruining Windows 11. If you wish to use rounded corners on a previous iteration of Windows, you can use the Flag register to get that new look.

To do so, launch the Microsoft Edge either from the pinned apps on your taskbar or Start Menu. Otherwise, search for it from the Start Menu.

Next, type the below-mentioned address in the address bar and hit Enteron your keyboard to head to the Edge Flag page.


After that, locate the search bar on the page and type Windows 11 Visual Updates to search for the particular flag. Now, from the search result, click on the drop-down menu and select the ‘Enabled’ option.

Finally, click on the ‘Restart’ button present in the bottom right corner of the screen to relaunch the Edge and let the changes take effect.

So, people, that’s how you can enable the Windows 11 style UI elements on Chrome and Edge browser on your PC.

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