Here is an absolutely stunning scraping tool that focuses on extracting data from Google Maps.

Imagine that you have a web directory to fill out or a listing to consist of public data from Google Maps.

How to do ? Copy everything by hand?

Of course not ! Thanks to the G Map Extractor extension in Chrome, you can, from a simple request, consist of a CSV file containing the name, address, postal code, telephone number, website and geodetic coordinates places.

For example, I am here on the map of Kebabs in Clermont-Ferrand… I then launch the extension, I enter my request…

“Kebab Clermont-Ferrand”… And presto, the data will start to be collected automatically. We are indeed in a case of outright scraping. Not sure if it’s approved by Google, but seeing as they’ve authorized this extension on their Chrome Store , I guess they don’t care.

Once the data has been extracted, all you have to do is download the CSV and voila! You will have a nice looking file with all the coordinates of what you are looking for.

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