So you will forgive this title from hell which was inspired by Largo but I will still give you a tip to find a new Raspberry Pi as best as possible.

Indeed, it is the big shortage in Rpi for months and months. Probably because of the Ukrai… no, I’m kidding. But as we know, there have been major disruptions in the supply chains of electronic components since the Covid crisis and the crises that follow, and it’s extremely complicated for Raspberry Pi to keep up with the growing demand.

So how do you put the odds on your side to find a Raspberry Pi at a reasonable price?

Well thanks to the site which allows you to consult the stock status, models and prices of Raspberry Pi in real time on a large number of merchant sites. You can classify and filter everything in order to have the results you want (for example by Rpi model or by country of distribution).

In short, a great tool for all galley slaves of the Rpi.

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