If you are looking for a discord server on a theme that you like, no need to go whining on Twitter, there is everything you need here.

You simply have to open a page on Google (or another search engine) and launch a search with the following parameters, replacing WORD with what you are looking for:

site:disboard.org/ | site:top.gg/ | site:discordservers.com/ | site:discord.st/ | site:discords.com/ | site:discordhome.com/ | site:discord.me/ | site:disforge.com/ | site:servers.discordland.gg/ | site:discordlist.space/ | site:discordtop.com/ | site:discordlist.me/ | site:discordbee.com/ | site:dyno.gg/ | site:trackyserver.com/ | site:discordinvites.net/ | site:discordhub.com/ "MOTCLÉ"

You can of course combine words with the AND operator like this:


And if you’re lazy, there’s always the Serverse site that does the same thing.

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