If you are on macOS, you necessarily know this trick to find your mouse cursor on the screen. Just shake your mouse and the cursor will immediately magnify, allowing you to spot it quickly. Fastoche.

But at Microsoft, they haven’t really managed to code the same functionality. Or is it patented at Apple?

But that’s okay because what Windows doesn’t offer, PowerToys do. As a reminder, Power Toys is a suite of utilities that Microsoft offers as a free download that allow you to do a lot of things like rename serial files, select colors, prevent the computer from going to sleep. … Etc.

BUT ESPECIALLY, there is a tool called “Mouse Utility” with only one feature: find my mouse.


In short, once launched, you just need to press the left CTRL key twice on the keyboard to activate a halo of divine light around your cursor.

ezgif.com gif maker 1

In the settings menu, you can configure the following options:

Do not activate when game mode is onPrevents use of starring while actively streaming a game to the system
Overlay opacitySpotlight animation opacity percentage (default: 50%)
Background colorFocused light background color (default: # 000000)
Spotlight colorColor of the circle centered on the cursor (default: #FFFFFF)
Spotlight radiusRadius of the circle that centers on the cursor, measured in pixels (default value: 100)
Zoom initial SpotlightSpotlight animation zoom factor. The higher the value, the more pronounced the zoom animation as the light focused on the cursor position.
Animation durationLight on / off time, measured in milliseconds (default: 500)

Mouse highlight

Display visual indicators when the user clicks the left or right mouse buttons. By default, mouse highlighting can be turned on and off with the hotkey WinMAJH.

Screenshot of mouse highlighter

In the settings menu, you can configure the following options:

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Activation shortcutCustomizable keyboard control to turn mouse highlighting on or off
Left button highlight colorHighlight color when user clicks the left mouse button
Right button highlight colorColor of the highlight when the user clicks the right mouse button
Overlay opacityHighlight animation opacity
RadiusRadius of highlight animations, measured in pixels
Fade delayThe time it takes before a highlight begins to fade – measured in milliseconds
Fade timeDuration of disappearance animation – measured in milliseconds

This is clearly an essential feature in your life, I’m sure :-))

Download here!

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